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    From my workshop experience what i do is use labanups diluted with water even more if a pinch of salt is added Or just plain glucose powder in some cold water also does the trick On that note I am feeling thirsty now
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    Gaurav is right of course, but few people carry water consumption calculators, and when they do, they don't always take them seriously. Nonetheless, a rule of thumb that I learned during my military service in the Namib desert is that drinking a liter of water every hour (spread out over an hour) keeps you more evenly hydrated than drinking a liter of water once every hour. And as @shadow79 said, adding a tiny pinch of salt and a few drops of glucose to every liter of water you take during a hot day goes long way toward maintaining your electrolyte levels.
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    I've checked in several Pajero forums (South-Africa, Australia) about my OEM recovery points and they seem to be of good quality. No reports have been posted about damages. Getting them fabricated is an option, or going for aftermarket ones. If i'd get them fabricated, i would go for Stainless Steel 304 or 316. Takes away the worries about corrosion. I guess it depends from driver to driver if he thinks his OEM points are "good enough" or if they would invest in aftermarket ones. Have a look at attached bolt grade markings and strength chart. 10.9 and 12.9 are preferable.
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    Thanks buddy, but I’m far from an expert. In my line of work I just need a very broad range of skills and that has always helped me. About the carbon steel, you’re right as it’s slightly more flexible than SS. I didn’t consider that one. let me check with our procurement guy where we buy the decent quality of bolts. Most of them are from the general traders, but for some application the 10.9 rating is very critical and necessary, as well as proper torquing and quality of the bolt itself. These are coming from bigger industrial suppliers.
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    Just a thought guys, maybe we can remove the stock tow hook once a year to inspect for any corrosion as visual looks from outside may not be sufficient especially on the bolt thread.
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    @Srikumar Yes iI got the AOR snatch strap as recommended and my towing points are are set! :) Did’t get the soft shackles yet but the ones I have are rated. If i get a chance to pass by before the drive and get them I will for sure.
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    I agree with @Barry on this. The steering angle sensor forms the heart of several safety systems, and a trying to get out of a dangerous situation is not the ideal time to discover that the steering angle sensor re-calibration procedure was not performed. I have never understood why it is even possible to clear steering sensor codes without performing the required re-calibration procedure. I would have thought that manufacturers would make it impossible to clear these codes, but what is worse is the fact that I have known mechanics who did not know that a re-calibration procedure had to be done, and who then spent days trying to figure out why the ABS, stability, and traction control systems don't work
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    FINAL UPDATE: So I got the car on Saturday and while it did sound quieter, I will be the first to admit that there is still a rattling sound. This is still present on idle once the car reaches its operating temp (around 45% of the temp gauge). The ticking/tapping sound was reduced, but a rattling sound is still there. Perhaps my expectations of a totally quiet Pajero is unrealistic as this sound seems to be common on Pajeros as I have a friend who just bought a brand new Pajero 3.5 had this sound as well (although a tad softer). Or maybe I am just telling myself this to make myself feel better? Anyway, at least now I can go on knowing that my lifters are brand new and everything else on that side of the engine is in perfect condition. On to the next mod/fix I suppose.
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    Yes they can enter musandam only for Dhow Crusing but not Khassab,
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    Second try on the topic, would any of us be willing to invest in proper recovery points? Would AED 200 per point be excessive (estimate if we will be doing a few)? I know ARB have some proper points, but I have not seen much in the other shops. But if there would be enough of interest, we can probably get one of the shops to manufacture. Would be interesting to ask. I would like to have the following criteria’s as a base: - Must be bolted to the chassis without any drilling or modifications. - Fixed with minimum two, preferable more, high tensile bolts in existing holes in the chassis. - Eyelet, no hooks. Eyelet big enough for a soft shackle and rounded edges to avoid excessive were. - One peace laser cut. Only welding for additional strength. - Proper rust proofing This is the first draft and I’m sure I have forgotten some important points. All stolen pictures.
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    Better check with Oman consulate to be sure or UAE immigration.
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    Thats why you need to get out of the way and be in a safe place in case they fail.
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    It happened to my car whenever I used to turn at high speed like going through a ring to climb or exit a bridge the vsc would kick in and bring the car to a halt often triggering people behind my car to crazy bats scattering left and right....gave me a hard time until i figured it through viewing the live data of abs that the speed sensors we're acting crazy specially when the steering angle sensor was giving inputs....
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    if people while servicing their cars notice when it's rised they could make out some more places where they could put shackles like thick chassis beams under the car they too are solid but definitely not on the shock struts
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    Not everything used is good or gonna last I have seen people expect to buy seals , gaskits break pads pipes also used... service items should be bought new or even aftermarket
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    My own reflections on this: - What have failed in this case is not the tow hook, it seems the bolts. Then I see a locally fabricated bar, like the one on the land cruiser, I always get worried. I have too many times seen bars being fixed using the bolts of the regular tow points. If that is the case, the high-tensile rated factory bolts might have been too short and did not have enough of threads. The bolts might even have been replaced with local none rated longer bolts. The bolt might not have been tightened and therefore bent before ripped off. - Even if it seems not have been the issue in this case, the factory front hooks on the 100 series land cruiser are rubbish and should be replaced. It bends after a few recoveries. Unless you like to go after market recovery points, both the 105 and the 70 series have factory recovery points with the same bolt pattern. The 100 series cruiser is not the only car with bad factory points. Possibly something the club could support and recommend? - I do fully agree on using soft shackles were possible. The less iron that comes flying, the better it is. - Many of us knows very well the strengths and the weaknesses of our own cars. We know what point to use and we have ensured the bolts are high tensile rated. But how can we ensure the car you are recovering are properly setup? If it fails in the other end, you get it in your wind screen. - We often have the debate on recovering from the front or the back. Some time you have no option depending on how the car is stuck. From the recovery vehicle point of view, you also have weaknesses and benefits. Pulling from the back going forward might put less strain on your drive train. It might also provide some better safety. Pulling from the front reversing on the other hand provides better visibility and control. - I also have a good experience using bridle. The main benefit is that you divide the force on two points and the risk for failure is less. But if you get a failure, the friction is high enough to take the tension away. It only takes a moment longer to rig (picture stolen from the WEB) - A safety strap also comes handy. It doesn’t divide the force, but it stops things from flying. Will be pleased to share my experiences if anyone would be interested.
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    For future reference, I wouldn’t recommend resetting a steering angle sensor fault code without carrying out the calibration procedure first. Realigning the steering is only part of the job, the system needs to be recalibrated afterwards. It might be as simple as driving in a circle one way then driving in a circle the other way, all cars are different but the diagnostic tool guides you through the process. SAS has an input on a lot of other systems and you could find your ABS or traction control or something else doesn’t work properly when you need it to.
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    The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by its compassionate members Carnity Points System is our enhanced contributor program that recognizes your every effort in growing this car community. It's our way of saying "Thanks" to our lovely car enthusiast's to support our mission and share the same passion. Share your car knowledge and experiences, earn points and make money Write your car review, share your car problem, get the second opinion on the car repair bill, post interesting car news or images, help others with your car knowledge or experience and earn from 1-100 points for every contribution. Pay the monthly subscription amount of 100 points for 30 calendar days to keep your subscription active. Please visit Members Shop to renew/upgrade your membership based on your Carnity Points. Now, if you are unable to contribute for any reason you can also buy 100 Carnity Points for 100 AED for renewing your active membership or ask for a donation. More ways to contribute Discuss your car problem or car modification ideas with experts Share your car experience - DIY, build, repair, tutorial or modification details Share interesting car news or local car-related news, facts, law, event Share an interesting or funny car video - educational or entertaining Post Carnity offroad drive images in the Gallery Share your drive, offroad, motorsport videos or pictures Review your own car or your friend's car with images and video Review Car Businesses in your Emirates Refer your friends (ask them to list your username while registering) Car buying, selling, maintaining tips or ticks in Advices Frequently Ask Question How can I ask for a donation, if my account is deactivated You can ask any contributing member if you know them personally You can ask for a donation in the forum. How can I buy Carnity Points, if my account is deactivated You can check in Carnity Classifieds or in Forum section for members selling their points How can I buy Carnity Points from Carnity, if my account is deactivated You can buy 100 Carnity Points for 100 AED
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    @syedyaseer, you can only re-enter UAE on a visit visa if you have a multiple entry visit visa for the UAE. Also, on a UAE visit visa, not all nationalities can get on-arrival Omani visit visa. If any visitors are planning to enter Oman, better for them to check their nationalities with Omani consulate, or just apply for Omani visit visa beforehand, while applying for UAE multiple entry visit visa also. Else, as Rahimdad says, best to directly check with Omani consulate. Will post a detailed comment soon on your question on Musandam / Khasab routes. However, definitely enter through Ras Al Khaimah border, that's surely the better and more well connected drive.
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    I visited Wadi Shawka few months ago (Jan / Feb can't remember). The location of the pools shared is very seasonal, you'll only see water there after lot of rains, as when I went there using the UAE off-road book, there was nothing there. Disappointed, I did not give up and went inside the Wadi Shawka area towards the Dam, There I found out that even the road access for cars to reach the top of the dam had been closed off (I am not sure if this was only for the season or what, either way doesn't make sense). So you have to park at the bottom next to the small park adjacent to the dam. https://goo.gl/maps/2A67Hte7aik You can walk up to the dam (5-10 minutes walk) and circle around it for nice views. There is also an adventurous trekking / hiking trail next to the dam. If you see on the mountains to your left, you will notice a narrow pathway that sort of gives a nice balcony view of the Wadi Shawka beyond the dam. https://goo.gl/maps/11FiHB4FVd92 Not happy with how this trip was shaping, I spotted a car on the other side of the dam where there was no road and immediately wanted to go there. I asked around, searched around the off-road tracks till I ended up there. This location is not in the UAE off road book either, however' it's the same location which @Gaurav showed lots of cars parked next to the water. It's a very picturesque point gives the view of the dam from the back side along with nice hills and small pools (sometimes). As going into the water was prohibited there (dam!) and also water wasn't clean, I went deeper into the valley as per the off-road book, it really is a very enjoyable and adventurous off-road drive. Wadi Shawka is challenging as there are many routes branching out hence there will invariably be some wrong route driving specially if you dont have a GPS (like me!). I was on a mission to find me some of those pools that I had heard about. On the same path, there comes a slight 5 second uphill drive where on the right you will see an Emirates Tent / Adventure hut. If you don't go up and continue on the right, there are the hidden Shawka pools. I found some maintenance guys on the road entrance who confirmed this to me. It's a stretch to call it a road actually its mostly large loose pebbles / rocks you can drive all the way inside but you can also get stuck if you're not that good driving on rocks. I drove in for a little bit where the drive was acceptable, parked my car and walked about 10 minutes inside to find a lovely pool, deep enough to jump from heights! What's more, there are a series of pools beyond the main pool which you can climb and trek through. I didn't have much time so I didn't explore it further but this is definitely something I am returning to do this weekend! Co-ordinates: 25.099694, 56.061761 After enjoying the pools, you can actually go back a little bit and get into the main Wadi Shawka off-road drive, which may require at certain stages crossing through heavy water, as I experienced! Definitely need a 4x4 for this, what a great thrill though. Also, through the core Wadi Shawka drive, you pass through some of the private lodges that people have built. There's a fantastic lodge I came across where a local had even kept horses and a nice BBQ area and resting area. Using the off-road UAE book, you can do a superb off-road drive through Wadi Shawka and actually end up on the other side of the mountain. Basically you enter Wadi Shawka through the Sharjah-Kalbah Road and exit through the Maleha-Fujairah Road. Towards the end of this off-road drive, there's this zig-zagging off road track that you may notice going high up in the mountains where a local has actually built a house / palace. I'd like to take that road one day and look around the valley from that height. I highly recommend Wadi Shawka. Will also upload images to this post later. I got lost a lot through this, but that added to the thrill and adventure of the ride as I found so many places / routes.
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    Hi @Gaurav. The garage drained my creamy oil and have put in Valvoline 5w40 during this job. Do you think that oil type will be a factor even at this stage where all 24 lifters are now new?
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    @Srikumar you look so disapointed! 😂
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    Thanks for sharing @Keithryan. Hope you have a peace of mind now, With a Pajero you have to take everything with a pinch of salt, however in today's day and age it is more car for your money than any other brand in the market.
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    Congratulations @Srikumar for reaching the Marshal level with Carnity Offroad club. It is one of the most prestigious and sought after title that comes with a lot of hard work, patience, tolerance, and dedication. Just like all the levels in Carnity offroad club is "NOT" only based on driving skills but instead based on the combination of your personality + intelligence + team spirit + adventure. This Marshal title is an epitome for all levels in the offroad grading structure. So if anyone wants to grow, they can set Marshal as a PERFECT example for not only following the driving style but observing their behavior, teamwork, presence of mind, calculative approach, patience and tolerance to teach and support new offroaders. Once again congratulations Sri and best wishes for your next adventure! Carnity Offroad Club very first drive on 27 Jan 2017, where Srikumar has also joined for the first time. Album: https://carnity.com/gallery/category/8-mahafiz-to-faya-27-jan-2017 Marshal: Number of drives 60+ drives and Committee Decision Level of drives All of the above + Routing and leading in known terrain Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope, floor jack, jack board & GPS trackback + recovery and repair material Drive teamwork Supervise all of the above + drive and convoy coordination Drive posting/joining Post drive on Carnity and share it on Carnity social media Forum participation Post trip report + share route + track and waypoints Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
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    Fortunately the SUV I have now has pretty decent safety rating
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    Good stuff 👍 this setup is close to what I had in mind.
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    We always like to share and listen everyone's experiences, please go ahead @M.K with your inputs. I used safety straps on both sides on stubborn stucks if car doesn't come out in first 2-3 attempts or if I need to give harder tug to reposition the car.
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    Especially older stuff like body on frame cars. Some of the stuff I build for clients I would never drive any further than a test drive round al quoz but hey, you pays your money you gets what you want. Fibreglass model t’s with no roll bars and stuff, not even seatbelts, super sexy, much wow, times like these “Insha’Allah” really comes into play.
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    Apna time ayega😀 (My time will come).
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    Thank you to everyone at the Carnity Offroad Club. Its a privilege to be part of such a great group of people who share the same passion for offroading. After a certain time I realized that its not just the drive that brought me joy, but more importantly the people with whom I have been offroading that really brought a smile to my face. Special thanks to @Asif Hussain and @Emmanuel. Its always a pleasure to drive in your company. As @Rahimdad rightly said what started as an outlet to get away from the city stress, turned into a full blown passion. And for that, no amount of thanks would be enough to both you and @Gaurav for teaching me the beautiful art of desert driving. Offroading with CARNITY is truly a Way of Life!!
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    If a pump is reconditioned and repaired properly, it should be as good as a new pump. It all depends on who is doing the work and how professional they are. Many places will take your old pump as a core unit and hand you a “new” reconditioned unit. New, original is always good but it’s expensive but at least you know it’s new. Don’t write off aftermarket parts, research the manufacturer. Sure there’s a lot of cheap crap out there, but some of the aftermarket parts manufacturers make parts for the car manufacturer and just stick a stamp on it. Like ferodo, gates, valeo, small names but original parts without the original price. Second hand parts can be good but you need to do your research and know what you’re looking for. You know they’re genuine parts from the manufacturer but remember they’re old. They will probably fail when they reach the same usage level as your own part.
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    Thanks for keeping this updated. This thread will become very valuable for others !
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    I will make it this month but I don’t know about the future. Before I was sitting at home on my ass all day playing Xbox and surfing the internet. Now I’m working, leave the house at 6, come home at 7 or 8, eat, watch a bit of tv and sleep. I like the thinking behind the idea. It works well for regular posters who are already here and established but I feel it could scare new members away.
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    Stupid question maybe but where can i see my Carnity points ?
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    As I see it, this is not force, but due credit given to those who contribute to the community in any way you can. While keeping Carnity a clean site with no profiles that are not active for long periods. In my view the points system is supposed to help everyone and not a burden. Just putting some structure to improve things.
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    In an ideal world for awesome clarity and crisp output, everything should route through AMP. You should have 4 channel decent AMP for 4 speakers and 2 Channel AMP for the woofer. Or you can get powerful 4 channel AMP and use two channel for 4 speakers by clubbing front left + rear left as one set and so on for right side and use other 2 channel for the woofer. Or you can get 6 channel AMP but the price will be a lot more than having two AMP. Secondly in any sound system built, the head unit is the main jewel in the crown. Do not compromise on that, I was having 3 years old Sony xplod single 52W RMS unit that I replaced with Pioneer 100W RMS and just by replacing the head unit, the whole sound scene changed dramatically. While doing my system some of the geniuses here advise me too to go for the used component, but after researching the main issue I stopped. Expensive cars factory unit run with a lot of support at AMP and controller level and design with that size and sound space inside that car, so unless you rip every sound module from the donor car and place it exactly same in your car you won't' enjoy, as you will lose the secret recipe of "config". I have gone to my friend's place to listen to his Harman Kardon speaker and realize they sound too bad as just speaker alone from scrap can't do the full justice. They perform well only at a certain level and moment you want to crank up the volume, you realize there is something wrong. Crutchfield has tons of good information and build list, that I strongly suggest to use and educate from. IMHO go for new one so that you can size everything perfectly for your car.
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