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  1. A little different than the signature @Hisham Masaad “yalla push” drive today, but fantastic scenery, changing terrain and some very soft patches to challenge us all! Thanks @Hisham Masaad! great job to @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler in SL and @Mohamad Anwer looking after everyone from the back! Limited number of few refusals and very good self recovery, especially from @salah2u. The perfect balance and combination of throttle and steering. as everyone said over the radio at the end, fantastic morning with a really great group of people! week off for me next week, so hope to see you all in a couple of weeks time!
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  2. After more than six months, meeting again with my favorite terrain Sweihan Ocean, fully cleared from all dirty dozer tracks and ready for welcoming me back with its huge dunes, deep bowls and with two very sound drivers! Despite extremely hot weather and very soft sand at some parts, today's drive was an amazing challenge to satisfy everything with offroading! Knowing that we are only three, I had already decided to push it higher to IM - and even more! ... and I did it!.. But what? No announcing from my radio screaming "Hold on... I am stuck... have refusal... heeeelp!" ... then I pushed it even more... still nothing but only a few re-attempting where I thought some as stuck, then amazed with excellent self-recoveries... We drove for 75 km in three hours and reached to Nahel right on time. I visited all my old way points and found that some are even better and more gorgeous than before! Cannot be any better return to Sweihan! @Salim Akhtar @VipinShetty, first of all, thank you for not abandoning this drive and being on sand today. Secondly of course for your excellent performance allowing us to fly on those great sand waves and to play pretty much in those deep bowls. You both made a great step toward your IM promotions, where you have already achieved in my eye today 😉 See you again on the next!
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  3. Thanks @Hisham Masaad for an amazing scenic drive this morning, and thanks to @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Rob S and @Mohamad Anwer for supporting. Some tight technical areas, some extremely soft sand, some wildlife, a great sunrise and a group of experienced drivers all made it a fun morning out! See you all soon 🦖
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  4. @JeromeFJ what a beautiful drive. I really loved the scenery as well as the challenges served up. A very well executed drive under your leadership, thank you. @Richard Franks happy to see your winch is not just a fashion accessory, it came in very handy indeed 😁. Thanks to both you and @Frederic for your very able support on this drive. Fred certainly knows how to swing a spade 🤣. For my fellow dune bashers @Suresh K @Alfred Alinazar @Jose Thomas @Haitham Khattab @topgear @Adam James @Amr Aydin, below a link to some Gladiator POV videos as well as some photos. https://photos.app.goo.gl/J29HGzwaLbQzpQwJA
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  5. Sold, Im getting everything for my wife.
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  6. Desert Drivers… I think today we embraced the complete meaning of these words. The Desert was there, in its full variety of sceneries, full of sand, but also full of life. Drivers we were, with all the skills required to navigate into this environment. One surprise was announced in the briefing before the drive, we had a few. The beautiful environment, for those discovering this area, virgin dunes, trees, a lot of different vegetation, the sand, very fine and soft, the desert life, with all these farms and different animals, camels of course, but goats, sheeps, gooses, and cows, yes cows! Human infrastructures also, from the watch tower of Falaj Al Mualla, to the small town of Al Rafee, and the railway works, like a scar in the desert. Still driving required full attention and skills, to avoid being lured by the quiet apparence of the dunes, hiding super soft patches. In some occasions, I had really the feeling to « swimm » out of a soft pocket (thank you FJ engineers). The convoy did very well managing climbs and keeping the momentum when needed, diving straight down into the slip faces. A few stucks were inevitable, and were rapidly sorted out with team work, shovels, and the support of @Frederic for one pull, and @Richard Franks and his hoist in another case. Thank you @Richard Franks for the SL, you were always ready to anticipate difficult situations, and holding the convoy when needed. Big thank you @Frederic for the guidance during the preparation, and the assistance for recoveries during the drive. Special thanks also to my friend @Chris Wing who came with me scouting the area the day before. It helped me to fine tune the route for today. @Suresh K @Alfred Alinazar continue to be focused on the car in front of you to anticipate difficult situations, and be very attentive to the instructions during recoveries. @Jose Thomas, very well driven today, @Haitham Khattab you enjoyed your new mount, and you made the best of it, @Adam James @Amr Aydin @Gerrit Bus very well driven. It was a pleasure to have you all today, see you soon !
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