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    Why a Mitsubishi Montero / Pajero is the best buy in class
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    Easiest way to test shock absorbers without shaker plates is to look at the top of the shock where the rod comes out. If there is oil on it, you need to change it. Next step is press hard on each corner of the car and bounce it up and down 4/5 times. A bad shock will keep bouncing after you stop pushing it up and down, a good one won’t bounce.
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    PCV systems can be notoriously finicky, as @shadow79 correctly points out. The best thing to do here is to put a vacuum gauge on the dipstick pipe- it is likely that the engine vacuum is excessive, which must be checked against service information. If it is, the PCV system is sucking oil out of the engine, and the only way to fix that is to check the entire system for anything untoward. However, a good starting point would be to replace the PCV valve.
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    In that case stay FAR FAR AWAY from Pajero, sorry to burst this bubble. New Pajero is reasonably good offroader for beach / newbie level offroad drives. For doing serious intermediate offroad drive you need to do lot of modification to be safe and powerful. Pajero approach and departure angles are not great, engine performance is borderline acceptable. Instead you can / should look into two different categories within your budget by slightly lowering year model: Option 1: Nissan Xterra / Toyota FJ Cruiser - (ready for any level of offroad) - My highest recommendation. Option 2: Nissan Patrol Y61 (old shape) / Toyota Land Cruiser - (If you like big and bulky 7 seater, lot of storage) Rem big and bulky will again struggle on extreme drives due to lesser power/weight ratio. That's why I feel Xterra / FJC will cover the whole spectrum of offroading very well. Btw, @Emmanuel, @Shamil are using Xterra for daily drive and plus weekend offroading without any issues.
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    First of all congrats @jibransayed for the longest title yet for a thread. Regarding the suspensions you will feel the lag or bounce when you drive or when you are going over a speed bump. Best is to get OEM, have to check if they are firm. I got lucky with a suspension shop in Sharjah who had some lying around from a Japanese import. They were hardly used and once I changes I immediately felt the difference. If you're looking for long term off roading than some after market ones like king shocks or old man emu will do you good. They are stiffer and offer you better traction off road, however they will kill your back on the road.
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    Well if you want to overland it. Your best bet would be to get your self a 100 series Land Cruiser. The Xterra and FJC were never launched in Africa, Asia or Europe. If you ever have a breakdown or need some bits out there, good luck finding and parts out in these places for an Xterra or FJC. It would actually be preferable to get a diesel engine LC 100 but those aren't available here. And for that budget you can get a pretty decent 100 series plus have money left over to mod jt.
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    As it's time to have an intermediate level drive, let's go deeper in Al Yahar/Nahil side of Sweihan area. The plan is to start from this amazing spot we discovered in June (and returned to at the end of summer), head North-East through very promising sets of dunes and exit on the E95. When: Friday 18 October 2019 Meeting time: 5:15 AM sharp Where: In order to earn time, we will meet directly at deflation point (exit from E16). GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/ZRq6a2g2WHMYCj6P9 Last petrol stations : 1. ADNOC Al-Hiyar (if you come from E66) https://goo.gl/maps/FU1LJn8bfaJ4AQXw5 ; 2. ADNOC Sweihan (if you come from E16, with a small detour) https://goo.gl/maps/kfRXapzVXqgp2F6E9 Level: intermediate and above Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive and enjoy till about 10 AM. What to bring along: Snacks whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Please RSVP on the below calendar:
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    Good input, but there is more. Any other takers?
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    https://www.dubaiautodrome.com/tracktalk/get-ready-2019-emirates-motorsport-expo-to-kick-off-new-season/ this happened last weekend. 5 minute drive from my place and I didn’t know. I missed it @Carnity you need to organise an upcoming events section and promote it so we can all go and represent
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    Different strokes for different folks. Very generic question as to which is best. Let us know which is the best when you get your hands on it.
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    What about the Jeep wrangler for go anywhere needs or pickup trucks?
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    I agree with you @desertdude on 100 series better for overland trips, BUT I strongly disagree to buy 100 series - FULL SIZE BOAT - GOOD FOR NOTHING IN DESERT DUNES HERE IN UAE OTHER THAN DESERT SAFARI'S TRAIN TRACKS. I learned offroading in 100 series in 2006 and realized its limitations in the first 3-4 months when I knew what I want it after seeing everyone climbing the big red (smallest of 3 peak in shj) and me sitting down as that boat in stock shape going "NOWHERE". @Jamy B. for such extensive overland trips, you should fly to those country and rent the well equipped 4x4 made for those specific terrain, because you can't enjoy overland vehicle here as they gonna cough up on tall dunes becauase of there size and weight. So buy something for here like FJC or Xterra that you can freely enjoy every week without any headache - at least in this region - UAE, Oman and Saudi.
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    Traditionally. Just before and begining of Summer vacations. As many people sell off their cars they want to get rid of before they go and usually get a new ride before the start of the new school year. And worst time to buy a 4x4 is at the start of the winter season here i.e now. But due to the slowdown for the last couple of years it's been a buyers market and more and more people leaving or sending families home. More cars for sale than buyers these day. But the above mentioned factors still do come in play
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    Suspension is not only about shocks but about all other parts as well. Shortly, it depends. Simple suspension could easy to diagnose, more complicated ones are not that simple. I suggest to pay a visit to some independent mechanic just to check the suspension. It should not be expensive and should take around 10-20 minutes of your time.
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    Beautiful day to drive and awesome capture with great editing skills. Well done buddy.
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    This Topic made me Nostalgic, made me Miss My beautiful Pajero. How much I struggled to get her where she was and made @Barry work till he got his PHD in Pajerootics. But Now I think Tahoe will Lead me out of Depression. By the way after reading this if any one planning to buy 1 Full Option 2007 Pajero with Leather Seats and sun roof with very low mileage and well maintained do let me know.
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    This was the Car I grew up in! My dad still says, If I find a perfect condition one... I'd buy it again. @Frederic @Gaurav The Pajero Evo is ANY Rally or Pajero Enthusiasts dream
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    still a lot of farmers driving troopers in Ireland. Rust is the big enemy but it’s to be expected on anything 20 years old. I have a friend with. 3.0 TD running propane injection and he has been mudding in it every weekend for the past 6-7 years with no major issues.
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    I know this off-road group, I've heard about them, only bad things unfortunately.
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    Here are my observations: He clearly didn't follow the path on extreme right and thought of taking shortcut. OR he followed the path but due to slow speed he slide down on soft patch. Ideally at that point, he should have come down slowly to make another attempt without fighting gravity. Due to slip face, its difficult for him to climb and still he fought the slip face with lack of momentum. Lack of experience, made him think he can climb up and steer sharp left on such short space. In end while reversing out of such situation, steering should be straight and come down slowly.
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    That's not a hobby but forced labour
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    Lol, of course I meant for what all to look in a perfect advert, especially dubizle style with pictures taken from potato.
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    Prado was my first choice, but even for 50k the models I checked were too old and used, a lot of kms too... I didn't find any descent one and got frustrated and tired looking for one. Which year and model would you say? and reasonable price? Because a brand new one is 160k... and As Rahim said, I wouldn't be keen to taking it to the desert hehe The car would be for me alone btw. No passengers to take into consideration, at least right now and the near future
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    I have been thinking of changing my car and hearing of several months from diff people and now I'm super confuse. Is there any best time to buy a car here in UAE. I mean for used car and not new cars.
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    Thanks for all the detailed info. I remember Gaurav mentioning that the Xterra has been discontinued, and that might make it difficult finding spare parts... is that a huge downside?
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    Hi! What about Dubai Motor Show on 12th of November?
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    Is this only for road or daily driver + weekend offroading? What type of offroading you plan to do with this 4x4? Beach level / newbie drives Intermediate level and exploration drives Cross country expedition, like you mention earlier
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    You have 104 points. So you are good
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    Yeah same here. Wants me 5o download someshit Seems like a phishing or malware link.
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    Hahahaha same here buddy, but since i found Speedex in DIP i stopped going to ACE. Speedex has lots more tools and gadgets.
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    Have seen all the popular cars like marks and gtrs with Dxb plates only makes me want to get a mark and toss in a 2jz twin in it...
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    I think fiberglass would have been waaaayyy cheaper
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    Do you have any idea of prices? I got a quote of Aed170 for 1 gallon Mobil,just for the oil.
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    Damn spent 20k for a plastic lambo body! Bet if they searched hard could have gotten a wrecked or non working older lambo or some other sports car and fixed it up over time. Would be a long term father and son project too and in the end there would be a proper sports car
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    There is a product available called Gunk, google it. You spray it on, it foams up, then you pressure wash it off. It gets rid of all the oil and stuff. I used to use it to prep engines before car shows all the time. If you want to save money, but a 5 gallon jar of TFR, spray it on and wash it off. It’s like soap but stronger.
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    No fuel station engine oil quality matches the international brands like: Mobil 1, Castrol or Shell. Period.
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    Trying to control 3 Growing up Boys! I think can be counted as hobby
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    So beer isn’t a real hobby? Can I change my option to movies then? 😂
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    if you inclined to take a trip to africa then land cruiser is the way to go prior to 07 models you will get parts easily there and try to get a 6 cylinder manual one will be easier to maintain all the other cars you mentioned don't have much room as compared to lc 100 lc100 can take whatever you throw at it without giving a hoot in 40k you can get a auto and then convert it to manual (as there is very less clean manuals around) and put few more goodies too 8 cylinder and specially the 6 cylinder petrol is only available for MENA market others run the 8 cyl version the australian version has a 6 but its diesel one being out in the open away from humanity and still being able get things moving not only needs mechanical know how but patience and out of the box thinking
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