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    Recovery Gear Below is the most comprehensive list of all commonly used off-road gears and basic recovery tools - this is the stuff everyone needs and it has to be easily accessible at all the time, while driving in off-road terrain (Sand and Rocks). MANDATORY KIT AIR COMPRESSOR Bush Ranger Black Max, ACE @ Festival City. Also available Pro Air, Max AirII at different price points. ARB Air Compressors from ARB Abu Dhabi (call up and order, will deliver C.O.D) Chinese stuff at Dragon Mart - if you're feeling lucky. Other compressors at Carrefour/other Hypermarkets or car accessory shops are not really recommended. RADIO / WALKIE TALKIE Motorola, allegedly 20 mile radius, from the small Sabka shops Dhs.325 Dragon Mart, higher output (will fry your ears), cheaper, clearer. TOW ROPE / SNATCH STRAP Bush Ranger heavy duty tow (dhs.200 or so) or Pro snatch kit (Dhs500+) from Ace Viking rope from Robbie's Garage (to the left of Times Square, Shk Zayed Rd) Dhs265, I think. Kinetic Rope from International Trading Co. Opposite Everhot Water Heater - Al Qusais. SHACKLES Are available at ACE, 3.0 T to 4.75 T very reasonable rates, make sure you get the shackles with the screw and not the pin-type shackles. SAFETY FLAG - available from shops that sell Quads, alternately use Fishing Rods fastened with a bolt to the spare tyre rig, also available is the FireStik range at Robbies which is very expensive but very neat and professional). You may also want a gutter-mount for the same (if your vehicle has a rain gutter). SHOVEL Fancy chome-plated stuff rom ACE or other accesory shops - expensive & of debateable utility. Bushranger tri-fold shovel with its own cover - about as expensive, easier to carry. Regular construction shovel from a hardware or construction material store - Dhs.25 and much more effective but not so compact. Fiskars super-lightweight camping shovel. Most expensive but is also lightest (you want to carry sand, not metal!). I recommend this, but this is very budget-sensitive. BASIC FIRST AID KIT Available at all pharmacies, auto kits available at ACE and some specialized offroad joints, you can also put one together yourself or your vehicle may have one supplied with it. Should contain: Gauze (Large, Medium & Small sizes) Sticking Plaster & Adhesive Strips (Band Aid variety) Surgical Cotton Surgical Spirit/Antiseptic Basic medication/ointment for minor cuts and bruises Burnaid other burn treatment Scissors & Forceps Cotton Buds BASIC TOOLKIT + FIRE EXTINGUISHER + JUMP STARTER CABLES + USABLE STEPNEY HYDRAULIC SCISSOR FLOOR JACK & STRONG WOODEN PLATFORM/PLANK (or HiLift Jack base) An alternative is the very expensive and equally heavy but neatly packaged Exhaust Jack Series II (dont buy Series I) from ACE, its upwards of Dhs.800. A Hi-lift jack is something a lot of people like to carry prominently like some sort of badge, but this is of doubtful utility in our really sandy terrain. Very useful in Wadis etc. DEFLATION KIT Valve remover for tyres - most tyre shops Dhs.10/- Pen-type pressure gauge (marked in PSI, not LbFt) - Dhs.25/- most car accessory shops. Other gauges are also available, the pen-type stuff is considered good. Use trusted brands like Milton, PCL, ARB, Victor, Rolson or Monkey grip. 4 Spare Tyre Valves to replace any lost while deflating. CAN FOR ADDITIONAL FUEL FOR LONG TRIPS Available from Ace Hardware, good for long distance trips where you are not sure about the petrol stations on the way, very handy in places like Liwa. YOUR VEHICLE SHOULD HAVE RECOVERY POINTS - FRONT AND REAR. OPTIONAL ADDITIONS Collapsible water can from ACE (Dhs.35 or so). Cool box with ICE (also useful for medical emergencies) and fluids of your choice (for more guidance, ask Kash). Cargo Net & Elastic Tie-downs to keep things securely fastened. GPS - Make sure it can store way points, record a track and pay the track back in reverse. Miscellaneous stuff that you should never need, but would want to keep handy - tire sealant gel/foam/goo, radiator leak-stopper (powder that you pour into your leaky radiator), exhaust leak fix (for small leaks, not cracked exhausts), flashlight, etc from ACE. Just to be on the safe side, one small 5 litre fuel can (Dhs.25 from any petrol station) and a manual siphon hose to borrow fuel from others (15-20 bucks). Duct Tape, Insulation Tape, Bush Knife/Pen Knife & Plastic Zip Ties. For camping trips - collapsible chairs/tents/sleeping bags/lanterns/BBQ kits/use your imagination. Small bottle of concentrated liquid Camp Soap or Dettol Hand Sanitizer + lots of Kleenex/tissue rolls. Working gloves to handle hot stuff in the engine bay + cloth/cotton waste. AAA or IATC Assistance as a sort of insurance for major breakdowns. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you need assistance or further information.
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    5 Best places to buy clean used car at good price in Dubai & UAECar buying is an absolute mix of art and science together if you want to buy a perfect car. Having said that, means it requires a lot of patience and tolerance toward the car sellers. About 90% of the car seller offer might not fit your requirement, but just raise your tolerance and simply move on than getting into any heated argument. It’s not that you cannot prove a point, but what is the use of picking an argument when you aren’t interested in their car, so save your energy for next car visit and keep yourself calm and positive to do the proper inspection for your next perfect car. No to car dealers I am not saying or claiming that all car dealers are bad, but my experience has been 75% bad with all of them, and I have dealt with 8-10 different type of car dealers from small to medium timers (big boys are usually very expensive) here in Dubai. Sometime they fail to show the complete truth about the vehicle history and when you ask 5-10 questions then you figure out the crap and ugly truth they were hiding. I have even witnessed that 5 year old Nissan Patrol shows 60,000 kms on the odometer and also carrying 180,000 kms Oil change sticker of ENOC fuel pump on the driver door sill (odometer reversed case). It’s very difficult and for novice buyer it’s impossible to figure out the crap they can get from car dealer, so your best bet is to stay clear and do not deal with them. If you are really stuck because of no option in private deal then ask the first golden question with any car dealer: “Do you have full service history”? If the answer is yes, then inspect the service record with your eyes first before wasting any single minute, as many times I have experienced that when you ask service record they start playing hide and seek, that it’s there but in another office or car and will come here tomorrow if you are really a serious buyer. I am like you get serious first to sell and display what you have than playing otherwise and waste my time. No to big car classified sites As majority of them are car dealers or private dealers who is posting their junk cars at dirt cheap price there and keeping the best cars in their showroom to get you their and use these big and overly successful classifieds sites as a bait for the car buyers. Always focus on private deals with the real car owners Search for online car forums with real people Off-road clubs member forumsFacebook groups & pagesLocal supermarket advertisement boards etc.Office intranet or bulletin boardIn all the above 5 options you are sure to deal with the real people and not the car dealers. Once you find a good car deal make a visit and see if the car registration is at least 6 months old and if it’s not, then it may be a of private dealer. In worst case scenario private dealer are much better than the car dealer as they are less hungry and markup only 5-10% but will get you a super clean car with full service records. It’s worth the time and effort they spend to scout a clean deals on wheels. Second point to pay attention is the service history records, check all the receipts and see the service booklet is timely stamped and not any service has been missed out. In some cases people get the minor service to get the stamp and skip the major service to save money or get it done from outside workshop. In case of any gaps, if owner has a record of carrying out the major service from any other reputable workshop, it’s still acceptable than completely skipping it out. Third thing is the quick exterior looks for seeing any noticeable damage from accident, broken bumpers, headlights etc. Fourth is to start the car and see if it starts fine and no warning lights have been displayed on the dashboard. Fifth and the last point is to drive around a car and see how engine and gearbox react to your throttle response, skip a few bumps at good speed to check the suspension, check the AC cooling is OK while car is parked and good when car starts moving, play the music system and check the clarity etc. If all above 5 points are positive then you can consider yourself almost on the way to find your perfect car and consider yourself to go further with testing in detail by yourself in less than 30 minutes: 5 Things to check in used car before buying. Disclaimer: I have written this and all linked articles to help my friends and family and other car enthusiast’s like you. This is purely based on my own experience. If you know anything more than this I am happy to edit these articles any time. Please leave me a comment and I will accept your changes and improvise these as soon as I can. If you like reading these articles and it helped you in anyways, please pass on the knowledge to others and use below red like to show your appreciation.
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