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    Yes everyone is doing well, thank god. Mohammed got the cops paper and it will be sorted soon with insurance. Does anyone spotted big dip or bush at 0.07 sec that bounced the car heavily....? Watch in full screen. Also intention to steer left than climbing up as desertdude rightly mentioned would have saved it completely. FJC in stock state is very tipsy, added with 3-4 inch lift is a recipe for disaster. We have mentioned and pointed same last week at Qudra exit and we never knew this could prove fatal so fast. Sad. However, such incident always remind all of us that every sport has some associate risk and soon we acknowledge, embrace and learn to stay clear from such risk, better it is for everyone.
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    Such myth list goes on and on: Drive on LO all the time Drive on HI but in first and second gear all the time Install 10K suspension first before hitting the sand Put biggest possible tire with most aggressive looks and tread Install bull bar before hitting the sand Install snorkel, chip, turbonator, throttle spacer to be desert ready Give strong tug on every smallest refusal to demonstrate the strongest car Shovel and self recoveries are for idiots Why clear the sand when tow rope strong pull will do the job catch me if you can (said / unsaid contest) all the time
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    Even if you can't join every weekend due to your demanding job, there are still a few things you can work on either from office (A380 ) or at home in-between shifts: - Research the areas we drive with Google Maps and look at the dune formations, sizes, wind direction, etc... this will help you later on when leading drives. Learning about topography is also useful (you might have learned that already as a pilot). - Research online (Youtube, Carnity, others) information about off-road recovery, tools, gear, tutorials, etc... There is lots of information available. I like for example Ronny Dahl his videos and tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/RonBacardi666 I always feel bad when I can't join drives and my balance of work / family /hobbies takes serious juggling sometimes, like for most people here, so I try to make the best of it
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    Not long enough, if you drive good, seniors might promote you in next 4-5 drives rather than 10, which is an outline of the structure. There is no hard and fast rule here. If drivers are good, then they do get promoted early and vice versa for infrequent or slow learners. The only idea is to promote anyone at any level is when we are 100% sure that he/she is ready for the next level based on their drive skills, techniques, teamwork, and offroad gear.
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    I am already calculating in my mind how many months it will take for me to join you. Looking forward!!!
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    I hope that Mohammed and passengers are doing well.
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    Due to some unforeseen situation, I won't be joining the drive tomorrow. @Rahimdad will lead the convoy and also welcome @Jamy B. to ride along.
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    Congrats @Frederic for posting your first drive. All the best. Look forward to being on your drives very soon
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    As I wrote, I started slow for the first high dunes, just to check that you were comfortable with your JGC, but after that, trust me, we were cruising at the usual intermediate level pace.
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    With our newly promoted Intermediate drivers, the long rolling dunes of Al Faqa provide a perfect playground to ramp up the pace a bit and stretch the legs of both car and driver. We will explore the area, and alternate between side sloping, ridge crossing, and enjoy whatever this area has to offer. This drive is for Intermediate and above level only. Please check if you have all required tools and gear on board as per your assigned drive level. When: 22 November 2019, Friday Meeting time: 06:00 AM, the convoy will move sharply at 06:15 AM Where: Al Faqa GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/dt57TRJ3ak4SrCkX8 Level of drive: Intermediate and above Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive and enjoy until about 11 AM, with some small breaks in between to have breakfast and snacks. What to bring along: Some snacks, plenty of water - whatever you like with little extra to share, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 11 AM
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    If it doesn’t tell you on the dashboard you’ll need a TPMS tool. Point it at the wheels and you’ll see if one isn’t sending a signal. They’re not expensive but a good tyre shop will have one. Some diagnostic computers work through the obd port but it depends on the car.
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    We love a can of worms. I used to drive on HTs with the exception of Yoko Geolander ATS since 1 year. Feels slightly heavier, but as I got used to them they really help out a lot and fairly quiet on road. Gives me that extra kick in deep sand to just make it a bit further. Plus it really soaks up the throes tracks which is nice.
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    No i am not driving with carnity. Will be in sweihan with different one and will meet and greet you guys on the way. 😉
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    In such level job, do look into Line-x application for under body protection, one of my friend's friend got the whole car cover in Line-x top and bottom - Black Tahoe. Regarding full paint and tidying the wiring system, I highly suggest to do once you are done with all mods and tested them for few drives, so that you are 100% sure that you will be living with that setup for few years. I got my car painted in 2017 and soon after we need to open the engine and few electrical and mechanical work and It wasn't nice. Let me know when you find one in Dubai, Im also looking for good place desperately. I have used Autotech in Aweer for part paint job and they were nice and reasonable, not sure about their mechanic or electrical work yet. https://goo.gl/maps/Y6rf1We72xcKDGXg9
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    Congrats @Frederic for posting your first drive. Many more to come with me trying to catch up with our favourite Saluki.
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    I bought Michelin Primacy SUV basically because I also use my car a lot on-road. They are OK on the sand, but weak and slippy on rocks. So, as you said, definitely not a good option if you want to drive in wadis, I mean off the tracks.
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    By the way traffic is very nice here. Chance to be bullied is very less and police is controlling everwhere. Some samples from Istanbul; My favorite. Bikers not giving way to a car, but car belong to President guards.
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    Private drives with few friends can indeed be useful to learn a bit at your own pace, but the amount of stuff i learned since joining Carnity is so much more useful. Some of my friends also came with wrong information and assumptions, as they were not senior offroaders but had "seen all the Youtube videos"..... If i remember correctly, @Emmanuel is also on HT tyres and we all know how he is doing. Personally i felt a big difference when switching to A/T and it allowed for running at lower psi without risking a pop-out, but you are right, H/T can do a good job in the desert.
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    For a moment I thought you have vibrations at 220 kmph, and I was scratching my head how come bro u cross the sound barrier of pajero at 180 kph. Have you check air filter, engine oil, spark plug basics first?
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    Hahahaha, it was my not-so-educated guess
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    I dont think Ford is killing normal Mustang, this is in addition to the existing lineup.
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    Dear Off roaders ! and experienced club members- I am a new big here and I was planning to get my Pajero to the drive next Friday - first thing first- I checked my insurance and to my surprise- I don't have it for Off road ! (actually never been to off roading ever in my life- so never checked on the fine prints even)- to add to my curiosity- I checked all my past insurances and they were from Oman Insurance and they had it !! unlucky for me this time- I got it done in haste at the 'testing center' 4 months before the expiry of my current insurance just because my car registration was expiring next month ! now I have an insurance from Al-Wathba national insurance company !- and I did download their app and even called their call center- and at last- got to know from them that they don't even have this insurance !! so I can't even top it up ! now I need your help and advice on how to take the 'off road insurance' for my 4X4- any help / advice /direction is most welcome. regards. Amit
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    NO Really, I will write so much if I knew which tire......cmmon. Shifting has taken a big toll on your sleep.
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    Textbook recovery !! Perfectly done by @Javier M
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    @Navinchandar and @alifaruqi welcome to Carnity offroad club, please share your previous offroad experience (if any) and car details. Also make sure that your 4x4 has front and back tow hook in good usable condition before joining any drives.
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    Will meet you guys in sweihan. Will be around there. 😉 @G.huz 😉
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    Surely everyone can reach, but be very careful while turning down and steer down little early and smoothly (not sharp), as side stuck on wet sand is very difficult to recover and prone for mishaps.
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    With the weather looking up these days, experiencing the chill temperatures, early morning was a great way to start off the day. Added to that, meeting up with a lovely group of like minded off-roaders is just an icing on the cake. @Srikumar assigned me to the sweep position and I had the incredibly rare opportunity of having @Gauravbhai accompany me as a passenger. With this mix, the day just couldn't have been better. I am just about getting acquainted with sweep duties and it is definitely a great way to be a more responsible offroader and watching @Gauravbhai in action was a delightful and educative experience indeed. The banter I shared with @Gaurav bhai was invaluable and i hope we can roll again sometime. All in all, this was yet again, an action packed and fun filled drive to say the least. Ill try and put up a video tonight.
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    Amazing to see such a diversity in the club. I guess we all have one thing in common: We made the UAE our home away from home, and as an expat we need to get out, explore, travel, and meet friends, colleagues, buddies, that makes us feel as our home is here. I feel very blessed to have met so much amazing people yet, and look forward every day in meeting more !
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