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    • I used K&N one time and stopped after because cleaning in sand is headache. My friend got some oil free brand of free flow filter and he was happy - cant rem the name.
    • That sounds amazing Gaurav. Does this installation give a more aggressive sound while reving or should this be accompanied by the exhaust modifications for the sound?
    • I have research K&N in full depth before going forward and 90% of people were happy and 10% were naysayer that it will spoil engine, etc. Due to the majority, I went ahead and never had an issue in actual usage in UAE dusty conditions. In my Mustang I used it for 2 years, in my Pajero I'm using since 4-5 years. I have no clue on IS 300 tbh. I had GS430 in the past when I was young and moved from 4 cyl Accord to 8 cyl Lexus so never felt a need for more power but actually concerned for how to put that 300 hp in a straight line. Do share your research and experience about IS300 and K&N if you decide to go ahead.
    • Thank you Gaurav for the in depth advice. Does this installation come with any draw backs? Also do you have any idea if 2008 IS 300 F Sport air intake system fits IS 300 2008? From the videos in Youtube, I saw that there are many people you installed but just wanted to ask another expert.   NSQRD
    • Welcome NSQRD, very different user id. For K&N, I have two experience to share from my Mustang for road and Pajero for offroad. There is a noticeable shift in throttle response (free flow) you will feel after the upgrade, in my opinion, air filter upgrade is not for additional 5-10 hp, but for quick delivery of existing hp that your car has. This does make you feel the car is more responsive and crisp in throttle response. For road use, I will highly recommend K&N and better if you can get cone replacement for cold air intake, that practically makes a good difference. If you can't then upgrade a standard OEM with box replacement K&N is also worth the money. For offroad use, as much as I love K&N but I hate its extensive maintenance to clean air dry and oil almost every month after 3-4 offroad sand drives. So now I keep the OEM for every week playing and switch to K&N if I'm heading to some extreme areas for long hill climb to get a better quick response. For buying you can compare local price with K&N website, as I found their website was cheaper including the shipping and package came in 3 days times with FedEx. This also made me tension free that I'm buying an original one and not replica's Last but not least K&N website warranty is awesome, I broke my Pajero filter and send them a few pictures on email and they send me the new one without asking anything within 3 days with FedEx without even shipping charges.
    • Hi guys. I’m NSQRD-new member in the forum.  I am looking to upgrade the performance of my 2008 IS 300 by adding a high airflow K&N Air Filter intake system. Where would be the best place to purchase one and also would the IS 300 F Sport intake system fit on mine?   NSQRD
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