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    • Hey Desert Dude,  Thanks for your reply,  I know they are very popular there but was hoping to find something in Dubai! Might just have to drive out there one time to see what cool things they got laying around. I do know of a place in Musaffah but yeah both of these places are far from Dubai. 
    • Ras Al Khaimah is land of the older gen Lexus LS 400's and 430's.There are literally more LS's here than yellow cabs in NY. There is even a scrap yard totally dedicated to the LS. I'm sure there are some shops specializing in them here, if you are willing to go an adventure that is.
    • Hello, I am in need of good garage that actually knows what to do when working with LS400's. I recently got my transmission fluid changed at some place in Al Qouz and they added an extra 2L of fluid to it causing my car to start leaking. Im having some other issues and I want to bring it to good place preferably a place that specialises in Lexus or LS400.  Thanks for your advice in advance Lloyd
    • its gr engine have tight tolerance in it so gold should work fine unless he fixed some quad turbos and is gonna tear the turmac all over with it....
    • Firstly, please check your car owner manual and go with the exactly the same spec as it says be it 0w30 / 5w40 / whatever If Adnoc Voyager Gold is the same spec as you need, then it's safe to try 100%. Then start researching why international known big brands of Engine Oil like Mobil 1, Castrol, Liqui Molly etc. are better than local brands so you can decide to shell extra money or not.
    • I would like to know is Adnoc Voyager Gold a good engine oil for a 2007 Lexus GS350. The car is of american spec. I have no clue please help me with it. If its not good then please refer any recommendation. Thanks in advance