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    • Engine oil consumption and vibration leads to one point that engine oil is either leaked or getting burnt in the combustion chamber as Shadow pointed. At first top up the engine oil and see if vibration stops, then at least half the battle is won. If not I suspect some of the engine mounts have also gone bad or engine is misfiring due to foul spark plugs etc. (separate story). For engine oil consumption, try to track the kms and see how much it is consuming per 100 or 1000 km to understand how severe the leak is? Once we know that, we can act accordingly. Do you see any spotting of engine oil in your parking spot? Let the car run idle for 15 mins in one place and see if oil is dripping under the car while car engine is running Check the coolant bottle, and see if coolant usual color from Green / Red has changed to light green or pink....? Check the tailpipe when the engine is running and observe if you notice any white smoke? Drive the car and see if the car is losing power on uphill or with sudden downshift or is it same like before?
    • Must be the RX7. The rotary engine the seals wear out and need to be replaced or the car will run short on oil as it burns oil. Hope it helps.
    • Only stating mazda won't do any good which mazda and what is the model might help you reach at a point and vibrations are of many types and are you stating that the engine has started to consume engine oil then its either leaking or burning oil....
    • Hello! Something happened with my Mazda. The engine began to run unevenly, appeared to vibrate, and the oil consumption increased. Has anyone encountered this problem? What is the reason?
    • If you just want an oil change then anyone can do it. Just stick to the Mazda service schedule. Use 10w 40 semi synthetic and you'll be good for another 10k km. Id recommended learning how to do it yourself. It's easy and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. There are many mechanics who post on here who can advise you. Watch this and see how simple it really is with minimal tools.  
    • Hello! I just bought mazda 6 2009. It has been driven 1,88,000kms by now. From the person i bought said ' i should get it serviced by 1,89,000km. So i am looking for new Car service station in sharjah. As he told me to get it done from enoc or adnoc.  But i want the proper service so if you guys can help in looking for a decent mechanic in sharjah. It would be a big help.   TIA