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    • I disagree, toyota is making nothing but over priced junk now for a long timr. The Koreans have come a long way in quality and reliability. And look a milliom times better than yotas 
    • Steer clear or KIA and Hyundai brothers they have good looks but are useless in Performance and maintenance wise
    • Thanks bro. You really helped me clear away doubts. Actually, now , I decided not to go for Mazda.  I think Hyundai Elantra or Kia Cerato can fullfill my needs Thanks man. I appreciate your advice. Actually I decided not to buy Mazda I once considered to buy Lexus but prices are high. And, toyota is for me a bit boring in terms of interior styling.  So, I believe, kia cerato can be a good option as a small family car. What do you think? Or Elantra. 
    • Thanks , I was in a dilemma between buying this or no. now, I made uo my mind to choose a safer way.  I am thinking to buy Kia Cerato, or, Hyundai Elantra, both are, as people say, fine. thanks for your honest advice
    • Be 100% sure what transmission oil was used. These new mazdas have that fandangled skyactiv technoligy nonsense and require specific branded oils ( translation : Expensive). If its not the right fluid you could be soon looking at an expensive transmission job. I would flush the entire system and have it refilled again with the proper fluids. Just for that extra mental satisfaction. And yeah with that much money get your self a nice lexus LS or even an older LX. If you are going the jap crap route, might as well be stylish and comfy about it.  
    • mazda 6 is a strong car but its value breaks really fast and parts are not easily available if you can go for a lexus or a toyota it would be a much better option and later on you are sure to sell it off when you want to as toyotas and lexus goes very fast if price is fair