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    • After a lot of research and patience, I bought my first Mercedes ever about two years back - Mercedes Benz GL 500, recently crossed 200k kms last month. I have driven my friend ML500 for a week before buying this and I was completely convinced that I needed such amazing, spacious, and powerful daily driver. Thinking for 5.5 engine it consumes way less than any V6 in the market as Mercedes have done some crazy fuel science and I get around 12-14 L/100 gas mileage with a combine in 30% city + 70% highway. With 382 hp there is no shortage of power and as per internet, it can sprint 0-100 in 7.5 seconds for such huge 4x4. This car has some amazing blend of luxury and ruggedness which make me so happy to own it and I hope I can keep her forever if she continues to behave well in long run. I really love her three-row spacious seating that can accommodate 7 pax without any fuss and noise at the far end. The interior's quite a bit more overtly luxurious, with wood trim and glints of metallic trim; its controls are laid out well, and there are fewer of the tiny, inscrutably labeled switches. GL 500 shifts power through a seven-speed automatic to all four wheels, with an electronic all-wheel-drive system that limits wheelspin through anti-lock braking, a system pioneered on the M-Class, which sometimes I hate too much %^%&^&*.  For safety, it has standard curtain airbags, stability control, all-wheel drive, a rearview camera, Bluetooth, Adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitors etc. For entertainment it has standard power front seats; a power-fold feature for the third-row seat; a glass sunroof over the rear two rows of seats; a COMAND controller for climate, audio and navigation systems; Bluetooth; and an AM/FM/six-DVD changer, navigation system, 610-watt Harman Kardon Logic 7 audio system with surround sound; and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system with twin 8-inch screens and wireless headsets. Things that needed repair or replacement from time to time Air suspension Oil cooler seal leaking ball joints, boots, bushes, moountings etc. Minor electrical issue with music system - no volume sometime Coolant leak due to some burst Battery, tires, wipers etc - regular consumable
    • I'm not sure on the price as that keep on changing depending on the private deal or buying from a dealer. What I can help advise you is never trust any soul while buying a car if you don't see the full-service history with the stamp and dates, as over 75% seller claim that they have full-service history and in end make some excuses. So don't fall for the car that has no service records:  First, you don't know whether it has been maintained with Mercedes dealer or any equally competent workshop Second, you don't know if it's driven 200K and odometer reversed to 100k for better resale - It's a crime. Third, with service history, you know what all major defects/recalls or high price consumables have been changed lately.
    • Hi guys, I am buying 2009 c230 with 100000kms and the price is 26k. The car is well maintained and looks very clean and smooth to drive is it a good deal?
    • Post it in https://carnity.com/classifieds/ for a better opportunity to sale by increasing its chances by proper search engine results.
    • Hi guys, I used to own a Mercedes E class 1998 YM some time back but I sold it off. I have the following E class parts for sale.
      Used Bosch alternator 0101543202 in working condition.
      Used W210 throttle body 1121410025 in working condition.
      Original Mercedes Sunroof grease
      New Behr A/C compressor 0002307011.
      New Bosch CPS sensor 0261210141
      New Bosch Air Mass sensor 0280217515
      Original Mercedes Transmission dipstick W140589152100
      New Original Mercedes Vacuum dashpot A1708050019
      New Original Mercedes engine hood release cable 2108800159
      New Mercedes Lamp socket A2108260582
      Price for all items AED 1200. If you require selected parts inform me. I also have Mityvac MV8500 vacuum automotive tool, CPS refrigerant leak detector, refrigerant manifold Gauge Set. If you guys need these tools let me know.  Thanks!