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    • desertdude
      Personally not a big fan of the SLK, hair dresser/girly car Perfect for the wife though. Also be careful of the roof, they tend to go wrong often and its a huge $$$$ bill to sort them out. I knew a guy who had a CL500 he got new, he was so spooked bout the roof that he never opened it once for the whole time he had it. Later his ABC suspension started to give him issues. And the dealer refused to fix it under warranty making up some excuse, case went to Germany and even they refused. was qouted close to  30k to fix it. After a lot of fighting the case went to Dxb police who later said either replace the car or fix it FOC. So yeah even new cars have issues and big ones at that. And finally after scaring you congrats in thr new ride. Great color though. White is awesome for this country, Doesnt get too hot i.e less fuel consumption and doesnt require to be washed as often either. 
    • sertac
    • Emmanuel
      Niiiice ! 
    • sertac
      Thank you @barry for now i really loved it. It is taking lots of attention, specially when the top down. Most of my friends thought  it is very expensive car and when i told them the market price they were so sad they choose something else. For me the biggest effect for now the fuel. This car is not using fuel at all. Jeep was giving me 15.5/100km this one 7.5/100km. That fuel needle never going down, i am surprised. 
    • Barry
      Beautiful car @sertac and I wish you good health to enjoy it. Far better choice than the E class. E class is nice but it’s an old mans car. The SLK is one of the prettiest cars on the market. Far classier than the American pony cars. As an ex Mercedes tech I’ve always had a soft spot for them. Super reliable. The supercharger delivers constant, reliable power rather than the instant, frantic, short lived power of turbocharged cars. 
    • sertac
      Thank you Gaurav 
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