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    • Post it in https://carnity.com/classifieds/ for a better opportunity to sale by increasing its chances by proper search engine results.
    • Hi guys, I used to own a Mercedes E class 1998 YM some time back but I sold it off. I have the following E class parts for sale.
      Used Bosch alternator 0101543202 in working condition.
      Used W210 throttle body 1121410025 in working condition.
      Original Mercedes Sunroof grease
      New Behr A/C compressor 0002307011.
      New Bosch CPS sensor 0261210141
      New Bosch Air Mass sensor 0280217515
      Original Mercedes Transmission dipstick W140589152100
      New Original Mercedes Vacuum dashpot A1708050019
      New Original Mercedes engine hood release cable 2108800159
      New Mercedes Lamp socket A2108260582
      Price for all items AED 1200. If you require selected parts inform me. I also have Mityvac MV8500 vacuum automotive tool, CPS refrigerant leak detector, refrigerant manifold Gauge Set. If you guys need these tools let me know.  Thanks!    
    • I had an ML500 for almost two years and it was very nice SUV and ownership was a tad expensive than Japanese.  Though you are familiar with BMW maintenance cost, so you won't feel much difference in Merc here. Just make sure that you buy the car that has full-service history and you also try to get the basics done by the dealer until it's 5 years of age. After that, there are many Mercedes experts that you can switch to MercedesRus, Silber arrow, Munich motors etc. For check-up before buying you can use the dealer or any of the above to have peace of mind for the long run.  
    • Dear All, I am new to Dubai, and appreciate your kind advice on my decision to buy a used Mercedes GL-500 2013/14 Model.  I am looking for a 7 seater GL-500. I am partially aware that German cars are expensive to maintain compared to Japanese but i am not sure how expensive it gets in UAE, and particularly in Dubai.  Also i am new to Mercedes GL-500 Model (previously been riding BMW) and reviews are good, its a powerful car, comfortable ride. But not sure how reliable will it be, so any owners of GL-500 please like to voice out their views.  For regular servicing, are there any good, reliable garage which can be trusted in a around in Dubai/Sharja/Ajman etc which is recommended and tried and tested by the experts here. If so please advice.  And lastly any particular "KNOW PROBLEMS" for GL-500 which i need to watch out for while taking a test drive or should specifically drill into?  Electronic issues? etc?  i know there is a lot to check while buying a used car and would like to do it in a systematic way.  Once again appreciate your kind advice and could i get the car check by any mechanic/garage which you all would recommend ?  thanks. regards Ash
    • Are you serious that in US car dealers sells GCC speced cars? woah