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    • That is true, from personal experience, I wouldn't even class it as a luxury SUV, its got the bells and whistle and the power but ride and interior is very utilitarian. Even with all the refinements it still drives like a 1991 190E Merc, if only if it were that durable and reliable though. 
      Almost everything beats it in ride and comfort dept in the Luxury SUV market, one would expect more form something that costs half a million dhs. 
    • I second to barry's thought that G is not even half as comfy, practical and performing as much as cayenne but a good head turner due to royalty reputation attached to it. I had a Cayenne Turbo for two years and it's a well built and very reliable SUV, as Porsche resale is quite low in UAE so you can actually score a good deal on 3-5 years old model. However, G will hold better resale value than Cayenne any day due to reputation attached. Mind you that G second row seating is quiet cramped for an adult unless the front driver or passenger moves ahead.
    • Get fresh jap LHD imported mercs, All with low mileage and in very great A great lot available at the RHD aweer used car complex or check dubicars.com   
    • That’s the first review I’ve done. I’ll do more at some stage. Carnity are running a competition every month where you can win 1,000 dhs for your review so my advice is get involved. If you’re not in you can’t win! G Wagens are much of a muchness but the newer you go, the more toys you will have to play with. They’re a bit agricultural to drive and always reminded me of driving a Land Rover defender with fancy seats and carpet.  When you mention the Cayenne, that would be my choice over the G Wagen. I have a Cayenne Turbo in the shop at the minute and it’s a beast. It might not turn heads the same as the G Wagen but it’s 10 times more comfortable and the way it accelerates is insane. Parts prices can be a bit eye watering though. This one needed a small fitting for the air suspension which is probably worth 2-3 dhs but it’s not available separately. Comes as part of a new compressor at over 7000 dhs. Scrapyards know this and wouldn’t sell the part separately so it was 1000 dhs for a second hand compressor just to take a tiny fitting from it. I would avoid the R129 SLs. I am ex Mercedes and I love them, a proper gentleman’s car, but the bork factor and potential for problems is too high unless you get an extremely low mileage one which is very hard to find. 
    • Hey Barry - it would probably be between 2006-2009 G5 / G55 with the G65 conversion kit (if that makes a difference - not sure if just cosmetics other than the alloys).  I am making a shortlist of cars for both me and my wife:-  Hers will be a G-Wagon or maybe even a Porsche Cayenne GTS and mine i am not so sure of - typical guy wanting all the cars! So far I am thinking Porsche 1995 911-993, Mustang 66-69 or even a Mercedes SL 1995. Mine would need to be a daily also so whilst i like the classic style cars it would need to have some level of reliability   Have you done any other review BTW? Your one on the Mustang was fantastic  
    • Which particular model are you looking at?