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    • You can contact Jabal Tokyo for all your Mitsubishi Pajero used parts in Sharjah, amazing and helpful. https://goo.gl/maps/u8QUTionn1N2 Ahmed: 056 9675230
    • Hello Handle'souter and inner and headlight it's better to get aftermarket as used one won't last (clear vision) And check for display you might get better then oem at the radio guys The steering wheel and a/c vents you can get used at sajja and or industrial area 6 just cross your fingers for how long they last    
    • Hi guys, I have Pajero MY2004, mine all front ac grills(wooden effect)are cracked, and they are dancing here and there. I am looking for any used parts dealer in Sharjah for that. Anyone can update his contact number. More over i am also looking for used items: Door handles outer for both rear doors Inner door handle front Left door Steering wheel Navigation display(screen is blur/cracked) both front headlamps
    • talked to a radio guy who said to the head unit is goin bad it happens to most rockford ones
    • An update, this morning again when I started the car I got a Error DC message. After driving for about 20 mins, I stopped and turned on the car, that time the radio was again working fine. Is it a case of some moisture ingress which disappears after some time?
    • I'm guessing with an upgraded sound system on the top line jero, you probably have a factory fitted amp somewhere too. Have a look around that too. See everything is plugged in properly. Check all audio related fuses too.