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    • Please post this in classifieds section
    • HI guys, I have original window blinds 4 piece set. if any one interested please update.
    • You can call below scrapyard in Sharjah as they all deal in Mitsubishi Scraps.          
    • I am looking for used genuine parts front  complete ac grills(woden look) front left door inner handle steering wheel(all the skin is peeling off)even some one can gude me for nice patch work As iam living in Fujairah,so my first choice will be in Fujairah,if not then sharjah.I am also looking for a experienced person for its moon roof,which is struck for a long time. Any one can sugest me .  
    • Late 2016 Pajeros should have CarPlay capability. The earlier 2016 ones didn’t and will need the headunit changed if you want it. If I was you I’d speak to Al Habtoor and ask if your car is supposed to have it. If it is and it’s not working, it should be covered under warranty. There have been cases of faulty units.  If you just don’t have it, you might be able to pick up a later model head unit in saa’ja scrap area. There are some people selling aftermarket Android units in dragon mart in the 1,200-1,400 price range. 
    • Thanks barry for your reply.... but actually i mean the one i have has no compatibility  of CarPlay. So i want to make it possible with some third party instruments  thank you