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    • Hands down Dynatrade is much better and almost the same as an agency in 50-60% of the price
    • Here is the official Mitsubishi service schedule, it is up to you to make sure the garage carries out the necessary work and no unnecessary work.  The following maintenance intervals are based on the assumption of a vehicle which works under normal conditions, meaning, if you are a rally driver and do the Paris-Dakar every Monday, you may want to have an other maintenance plan… One more thing we assume is that you are going to do most of the work yourself, that will reduce the maintenance cost and you will know your Pajero much better. Weekly basis: Check engine oil level Check transmission oil level Check clutch and brakes fluid level Check power steering fluid level Check tires visually for defects and check their pressures. Check engine coolant level Check the battery for corrosion  Once a year or 10,000 km: Change engine’s oil and filter  Replace air filter if used in dusty area Inspect coolant hoses Inspect brake hoses Inspect brakes – discs and pads, replace if necessary. Rotate tires Inspect ball joints and steering components for grease leaks Inspect drive shafts boot for tears and grease leaks Grease the propeller shafts joints. Adjust the valves (diesel engines only) Check the differential oil level Check the transfer oil level Check the engine driving belt – replace if needed (dry/cracked) Inspect fuel system 3.2 diesel engine - check upper timing guide   Every 2 years or 25,000 km (which ever comes first):  Change automatic transmission lubricate and filter (2) Change manual transmission lubricate. (3) Change transfer oil (4) Change differentials oil (5) Drain, wash and refill the cooling system (with new coolant) Inspect spark plug cables Replace air filter   Every 5 years or 100,000 km (which ever comes first): Replace timing belt (if any) Replace spark plugs Replace spark plugs cables   The above maintenance plan is for a normal/light use. If you drive a lot under severe conditions, you may want to reduce that intervals by half. (1) Choosing the right engine oil viscosity depends on the weather in your area. For most areas, SAE 15W-40 will do the job (fits temp range from 0C to 50C), if you live in area where the temp is below 0, then you may consider SAE 10W-30, fits -20C to 40C or  SAE SW-30 which works from -35 to 15C Engine oil capacity: V6 petrol engine: 4.9 liters. 2.8L diesel: 7.5 liters 3.2L diesel: NM/NP: 7.5L NS/NT: 9.8L  (2) Auto transmission fuild: Capacity: NL: 8.5L, NM/NP 9.3L, NS: 9.7L, NT:10.9L Type: NL: Dexron 2 NM, NP, NS, NT: Diamond ATF SP 3 or equivalent.  (3) Manual transmission fluid: 3.2liters of SAE 80/90W GL-5 gear lubricant  (4) Transfer case oil: 2.8 liters of 75W-85W GL-4 gear oil (5) Differential lubricant:  Standard: SAE 80/90W GL-5 gear oil Limited Slip: LS 90 (usually you will have a sticker on the diff if you have the LSD one) Capacity: Front: 1.2 liters Rear: 1.6 liters     Please note that Mitsubishi recommended an oil change every 10,000 Kms. Don't let any garage scam you with 3k, 5k etc oil changes. Read the truth here,  
    • Dear All ,  i have 2014 pajero  dealers are over charging  each time. Appreciate if someone can assist and provide  information about good and reliable garage , where they are maintaining  service history and provide minor and major services and  periodic maintenance.
    • He didn’t flush it then, he just washed the inside of the case. To do a proper flush, you need to remove the oil cooler pipes and hook them up to a flushing machine with the transmission running.  The purpose of a flush, when you change the oil you’re only changing half the oil. A lot of it stays inside the torque converter, pump, valves etc. so if you put in new oil it’s automatically contaminated as soon as you start the engine and it mixes with the remaining old oil. When you flush with a flushing machine, it pumps fresh oil through everything and cleans it properly.  Dexol in Al Quoz are the best auto transmission specialists I’ve worked with in UAE. Maybe worth speaking to them. 
    • Flush i not sure how its done,  He used petrol filled gun to clean the gear from bottom  If i need to change oil in how many Kms i should  do it   
    • Did you flush it or just change the oil? If you just changed the oil, it would help to change it again in another few thousand k to get the rest of the crap out.