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    • PradeepVizz
      Thanks Guys, that cleared something on my mind! useful to hear from the more experienced. 
    • shadow79
      Cvt is only good for fuel economy for all the other things torque transfer or speed it's crap...what you save in fuel and plus much more you will spend down the road when it gets ruined in about 150 to 190k
    • desertdude
      But having said all this I do have to give it props for excellent fuel consumption. The OPs high fuel consumption is due to the way and circumstances it is used than the CVT itself.  Cruising at 120 at seeing the rpm sitting at 1200-1500 is something else.
    • Rahimdad
      Unfortunately CVT cannot be reprogrammed. The feel of the CVT is one reason for me not to go for a couple of my favorite cars. Thanks to test drives which saved me from this curse called CVT.
    • PradeepVizz
      It's terrible to hear.. just curious, can this be re programmed or something? 
    • desertdude
      Yup typical CVT even my rental 2018 Yaris felt this way at slow speeds. You let go of the gas and feels like the hand brake is on and creating drag and slowing down the car. Wouldn't roll freely like a regular transmission. Takes some getting used to. But in normal and highway driving fuel economy is out of this world. I would get above 600ks of pure highway driving on a single tank of gas which was full on 70.  P.S the car was new with only 30k kms on it so cant say it was old and worn out and acting that way
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