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  1. Check with Shaju @ Jas Motors (050 3529893)... competitive pricing & decent job.
  2. Techy Raza - cayenne GTS @ techy - is there any option to send an invite to all members about this meet? I am sure that many of them will be interested.
  3. It sounds good, i'll be interested depends on the date.
  4. Nehmaiz wrote: > Curious to know, where did u change the alternator? Al nabooda? Did they > take ur old one and give u a refurbished one? > > They charge so high for a rebuilt alternator then take ur used one and fix > it to sell it again... Next time remember u can buy a brand new one off the > internet for much cheaper, or have ur current alternator rebuilt. > > Cheers Hi There, My 2009 cayenne's engine starter is on the way out... so i'll have to get a new one soon, could you suggest me the web address from i can get these parts?
  5. most of the cayenne comes with xenon lights, so i guess you won't have issue with RTA, as long as you stick with original ones.
  6. drawback?? i would say pretty much nothing, i love that car... its fast, chick magnet, easy to mod, minimal service cost, be easy on right foot - it can give you the best milage, yes, it was better than my 4cyl Altma. If you are plannin to keep the car for long time, then go for brand new ones, if you prefer used ones, then either go for 2005-2009 models, or 2011+ 5.0 modles. The 2010 models are waste of money, as it has got the same old juice in the new bottle. Stay away from American imported ones, and avoid buying it from used car markets. hunt on dubizzle, you can find better ones directly from genuine owner..
  7. its clearly mentioned in the owners manual... - make use of it
  8. IMO, go for Alpine, or pioneer... Kenwood is more like any other chinese branded unit - sound quality su*ks!!!! Yellow hat is good, visit gulf wireless in Al Quoz, they are also pretty good.
  9. What do you drive? check with AR Motors or JAS Motor Garage... google it for more details.
  10. try AR Motors, they are pretty good at Porsche... i have done some minor jobs from there, nice guys.
  11. @ techy, i spoke to the guy who is selling the maps in Dubizzle, the map is on sale is not original map of Porsche, so i just don't want to take that risk to save few hundreds!!! i am haivng another doubt, one of my friend is going to get a brand new GTS, so is it possible to use his GPS's CD to update my map?
  12. it doesn't touch the speed breakers or pavements. Moreover, i have driven a lowered Ford Mustang for morethan five years, so i am use to it.
  13. My 2009 Cayenne's GPS map is from stone age, so from where can i update it?, stealership is so expensive, any cheaper options / source available? is it worth updating it?, how good the new version is?
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