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  1. central locking is not very expensive should not cost u around 300 to 350 but i am wondering why you dont have it already.
  2. Yes there is a pump that needs to be replaced and check for any blockages.
  3. Piston rings or crank bearing is getting shaved and be ready for heavy expense in opening engine. If you are revving car 24/7 then that could be the reason too.
  4. Dont bother much with clicking if it isnt very loud and jerking too. Whenever in doubt for gear better change OEM gear oil with filter, it might saves thousand later.
  5. You are looking at malfuction in engine. Better get car hooked up to cadi diagnostic system and let the fault code tell you the whole story. I wouldnt bother guess here in this regard as it might cost more in hit and trial than finding fault with OBD tools.
  6. Steering becoming hard, squeaking or humm too much while turning esp full turns.
  7. One of the tire has lost the weight on its rim, get it re balanced.
  8. Not necessarily, if brake drums / discs is thicker than 5mm dont change if lower its advisable change too. Mechanic shud able to advise that as well.
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