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  1. ya it was i think its a good ting to have forums like these were we can save the worries and moneys by sharing our knowledge.
  2. got the traction control switch changed.
  3. emad which of these garages are most economical?
  4. there is tire rotation that you should be doing regularly. and get the tire balancing as well. Now that the summers are approaching its very important to take care of them
  5. Loosen the wheel lug nuts with the tire on. Lift your car from front and remove the lug nuts and pull the wheels from the lug nut bolts. Remove the brake caliper bolts. The two bolts are located on the outside wall of the caliper, closest to the frame of the Cadillac. Use a 13mm socket and ratchet. Place a drip pan beneath the caliper. Open the brake fluid bleed valve using an adjustable wrench. The bleed valve is located just above the top caliper bolt. Rotate the caliper off of the rotor. Slide the brake pads from the caliper. The brake pads are connected to the caliper by metal clips that slide onto the walls of the caliper. Open the caliper piston by squeezing it against the caliper wall. Remove the old pads and slide the new brake pads onto the caliper walls by way of the attached metal clips. Rotate the caliper onto the rotor and replace the caliper bolts. Tighten the bolts and reverse the above steps.
  6. Air in the fuel tank is culprit. When all fuel run out it also suck the air in the fuel line stopping the car to start. Open the fuel cap and half key start for 2 minutes and then give self to start the car for few attempts (4-5 tries). If still not starting seek mechanic help. Mechanic need to disconnect the fuel pipe underneath the car and half key start so that fuel pump deliver and fuel line bleed the air gaps and refix the fuel pipe. 10 mins job.
  7. The center link should be fine unless it is cracked or bent and the inner tie rod ends are replaceable. now for an aprox rates the ends are about 170 - 270 aed, and the labor to replace the ends is about an hour at shop rate. You are also going to need alignment after repair. Could be approximately 800-1000 or so
  8. The TCC solenoid is located inside the transmission but replacing the solenoid will not fix the problem when it comes to a P0741 code.the code appears when debris gets caught in the TCC regulator valve or if the turbine shaft seals has worn out. This usually results in a transmission overhaul which will give you this code. Regards
  9. i believe that i have traction control in my car which is i guess not working coz when it was raining i was driving at 80 and a car just passed by me at a higher speed which made my car a will wolly coz i was not expecting the car and my car slipped big time thankfully nothing happened as i controlled the car and it was an empty road but the traction didnt happen how can i confirm that this control is working thanks
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