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  1. Rubber corner of all cars do get worn out with time and seems like it could be a similar case with your car too. this will let a small amount of air in the car which will cause the humming noise. i suggest get this rubber border changed.
  2. Go under the car and check with transmission box having bolt as explained by rushab above.
  3. cadi cars and very expensive to maintain. what do you guys think?
  4. my friend bought the same car 2010 and loves the car.
  5. No where. Only expensive way is the stealer oops dealer...!
  6. batman wrote: > the car overheating is one of the biggest problems in middle east that is > always contributed by the very hot weather. not all cars have such issues
  7. its very very dad that there is no rule here i have read in yesterdays gulfnews that a 1 year old past away because he was not in a baby car seat. its not like this in other developed country. RTA should make this a mandatory.
  8. old or new the pressure remains the same.
  9. no matter what you do if the tire has to go flat it will.
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