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  1. Assuming if car starts and run fine and only the display lights is not on, then more than likely car is OK and just some fuse or loose connection is misbehaving. In this scenario, you should first check for the fuse box in the trunk on driver side by removing the back panel of the trunk to reach the electronics boxes located on back of it. In the fuse box there is a diagram and see if any fuse is blown out. The trunk compartment fuse block is accessed by pulling back the trunk liner at the hinge on the driver's side. The fuses to look for are a 20 Amp CLUSTER FUSE, a 10 Amp RLY IGN1 FUSE, and a 10 Amp IGN0-BODY FUSE. Once fuse is replaced, try disconnecting the battery and reconnect after cleaning the both terminal of corrosion and make sure earthing is properly connected. Many times blown fuse is caused due to voltage fluctuation from dirty battery terminal or loose ground (earth wire).
  2. Any reason for my steering getting locked. i can not move my steering at all.What an i looking at?
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