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  1. humming on low speed. How can i make this noise stop?
  2. dose automatic transmission also have oil?
  3. btw, running leaking radiator can cause whole engine change if its ignored without coolant and engine get full overheat.
  4. fixing leaks maybe cheaper but wont run for long so i suggest get radiator change.
  5. It can be a number of things maybe something is broken or there is some stone stuck somewhere,
  6. the wires may have no electric in it or the connection may have been damaged. the other reason can be that the bulb changed may not be working did you get it checked if the bulb is good or not.
  7. the radiator plug is on the drivers side of the radiator up on the side, get it power flushed so that the radiator is cleaned with other partials.
  8. In front of the oil filter is the crankshaft sensor.
  9. the heater seats of my cadi is not working. Need help
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