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  1. How good or bad Cadillac Escalade for desert driving, not real bashing style but for crossing (sensibly) with 4 adults. Stretch of the drive is 4-5 hours and we need to cover about 120 kms across the desert. Is it advisable or not? If yes what are the precaution or pre requisite driver need to understand. Thanks guys.
  2. If you are in Qatar then its very hard for you to deal as usually all scrappy don't entertain phone queries even if you google some or check them on wikimapia or google earth. Also there are very high chances of them shipping you busted transfer box may be knowingly or may be unknowingly as they get these parts out of the cars so no way to check out unless installed. Best way to my mind is you can source some mechanic or workshop in sharjah / Dubai that can source one in good condition from his trustworthy scrap dealer and go personally to double check 100% as much as he can (w/o installation) and ship it to you. You can offer him some good pay out for all this labor and intelligence. This setup still is not 100% guaranteed to work, but surely it will have better success rate of 80-90%.
  3. How Much did you get charged for getting timing belt change?
  4. 1992 De ville 4.9 L V8 with 250+ kms driven, never skipped a heartbeat and maintained very well and driven very well up until last year when my wife forced to sell it to buy smaller car for her office commute. Real regret sale, i dont think any present day caddy can replace those old caddy's EVER IN LIFE AGAIN.
  5. automatic jack is anyday better then manual one.
  6. there is no spark in spark plugs. there is no problem with fuel filter or pump. What is this?
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