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  1. How will I know if I need to replace the air filter in my car?
  2. Can anyone give me tips of how to sell an old car to a good price and without any difficulty in the near future?
  3. hey thanks for sharing dude. Can you also help me find the terminal jump clamps. Where can i buy that from? or is it possible to rent it or something?
  4. i usppose it will be around 300 AED.
  5. replacing oil pump is kinda sensitive job. I think it may cost under 1,500 to 2000 AED including the labor cost.
  6. Is it a good idea to buy a used transmission as a replacement for the old transmission which is damaged?
  7. The oxygen sensor of my car seems to be in trouble. Can anyone tell how to scan if the sensor is working fine or not?
  8. Is the battery replacement included in the warranty?
  9. Hey everyone. really pissed with this brand now. I have DTS from 3 years now and the gas mileage is going really down. Everytime i have to accelearte more than once to start my car. I have gone to the dealer with the same issue almost 3 times. Everytime they fix it and after 4 days, everytime the same problem persist. Now is the case that they dont give much attention to me anymore. Anooyed!
  10. Hey guys Does anyone knows the procedure for the the press fit wheel bearing?
  11. Remember, if you failed the emissions test, you are not only troubling your car but the whole environment as well. When failed the emissions test, always take your car to the garage for necessary servicing.As per the Traffic laws, if you fail the emission test, your car is not certified to be driven on the road as it is harmful for the environment as well as the engine of your car also may get misfired. So if you failed the test, don't drive your car and take it to the service center as soon as possible.
  12. Hi guys, I have Cadilac Escalade and both the headlights of my car is not working. Can anyone tell me how to fix it and what was the exact reason why it happened?
  13. Hi Everyone I have Cadillac Escalade. I was really happy with my car until it started acting weird. Recently, i experienced failure of fuel pressure regulator. I don't know why this happened and what to do about the same. Suggestions please!
  14. You can hire prado or landorver if you want to drive offroad. I am not sure of Cadillac Escalade. I once drove in desert and faced lot of troubles driving Cadillac offroad.
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