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  1. My wife’s steering wheel did not rotate back after a turn a while ago. We replaced the steering column support but it’s still the same. It’s such a hassle steering maneuvers. Anyone with the same issue?
  2. that is very kind of you... i really appreciate this and to be honest im very much interested in these kind of do-it-yourself processes since you never know when you might to do them yourself. understood the entire process. i think i can give it a shot.
  3. I am talking about the knob not the shifting bar ... hope people dont confuse me. I think the bar needs professional assistance. i have seen people fix the knobs at least. Can anyone help? True that rocky - got around 120,000 km on it.
  4. hi, I have a 06 CTS and not so long ago i felt my shifter knob starter to wobble a little extra. i ignored the problem since it was hardly noticeable. Now the problem is noticeable and i am freaking out. That cant happen this soon? Plus i took it at the liberty autos and think they are way overcharging me for the inspection and change if required. what should i do?
  5. Don't forget the rage people had to deal with when their de villes would malfunction electronically. Windows, doors, locks, trunk release ... etc etc all would stop working at some point in time. But i don't think that problem was common in the 05 model you are asking about.
  6. Hey there !! You might check the fuses or circuit breakers to be sure that they are OK. Your owners manual should explain what you have and where they are. Hope it works out for you
  7. hi guys, I am having an issue with the brake lights on my CTS 2010. The first time I saw the issue was a couple of weeks ago. the brake lights would come on and would turn off within a couple of seconds. The problem seemed to occur more over the past few days, like they would come on twice in a day. I even got my brakes checked from the dealership. They cant seem to figure out why this is happening. Anyone else knows?
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