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  1. I had once with DIB and Emirates Bank, I think Dubai Islamic bank is an inch better in terms of process. Interest rate they keep on fluctuating so very hard to rate good and bad on that aspect.
  2. I am confused with best offroad tires,that I like to buy soon in a month or two. I amde search on this topic and got siam (tisamia) 900, cooper atr, yokohama geolander atr. If i get some advise from you I will be very happy, thanks have good day.
  3. Well to be honest if car is less than 5 years old and lesser than 100k km driven, its better to get work done at dealer service center to be sure to get peace of mind and get things settled once for all. Most of the time, hit and trial or calculative guess work and sometime it doesnt so cost of doesnt should be lesser in older vehicle, that's the logic.
  4. People actually need such common sense info to be told.....
  5. Its very simple. Underinflation means the tire pressure is less than required which automatically increases the load of the car on the tire which cannot be handled and the tire burst out very easily.
  6. You can find that under the dashboard. It’s a small radiator device.
  7. Changing lug nuts in the tire, checking battery voltage, checking oil level, brake pads: they are ask very simple DIY task I suppose.
  8. Is it possible to make alcohol fuel on own?
  9. I have Cadillac Eladorado, 2012 model. The compression in two of the cylinders is showing low. What does that mean?
  10. What is knock sensor for in a car?
  11. Hey people. Suggest me on what to check in the entire car if I am planning to buy used Honda Civic, which is 2009 model? Please give me a brief list of things I need to check.
  12. Great. Thank you. And can you tell me where are these fan clutch located. And how can i check this fan clutch is there in my car?
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