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  1. I don’t really agree with you man. I have the same car as you, and trust me I have got my transmission changed twice and still I can hear the squealing noise sometimes. Bro, I would suggest you not to go for VW.
  2. Well i think the steering fluid is low or may be absent. When the level of the steering fluid guess down, it's very common for the steering to go stiff. And yes, it's risky because this way strong is functioning without the fluid and soon it will be ruined. You need to refill the fluid. If you don't know how to do it, better take your car to the service center and they will do it for you.
  3. If the speed limit says 70 with the red circle, it mean go Cannot exceed that. But you can go till max. 85 to 90. If you exceed more than that, you will surely get over speed fine. Also try got to exceed speed limit in radar areas where the road is monitored by Radaar. you will definitely get a fine there.
  4. Heaven Is here!!!!!

  5. How do I inspect the fuel lines?
  6. Hey people. I want to take a new insurance for my BMW 1 series. Can anyone tell me how many types of insurance can be covered
  7. Always make sure that all the lights in your car are working properly. Headlights, tail lights, indicators, parking lights everything. If not, its really unsafe to drive at night. Not only unsafe, but its illegal to drive like that. One can get a heavy fine because of that.
  8. It’s easy! Firstly, search for a car insurance company in UAE. There is lot of insurance companies in UAE. Go for someone who is renowned and known to the public, like Orient insurance. Second, there are some qualifications on which you get the insurance like age (minimum 24 years), how old is your license, what Car you have? Your car must be registered and you must carry your registration card when you go take insurance. After approaching them, as per your car model and brand, the insurance company will give you the estimated cost to take insurance and the cost of cover. Also, there are types of insurance as well. I mean if you only want to cover the car or you want to cover the driver as well as the passenger as well. You can choose any type as per your choice. Generally the insurance is issued for 13 months, and you need to get it renewed before it gets expired every year. Also, keep in mind that car insurance is really important in UAE. You cannot own a car without insurance here. If you are a new driver, I mean if your license is only 2 months or so, then you will not get the insurance. You need to be an experienced person on the road, only then they accept your request. When you take the insurance, read all the points of claim and make sure there is no hidden cost in it. One more thing, your insurance will be rejected if your car is not RTA passes. SO before taking the insurance you need to get your car RTA passed which also includes emission testing. So you need to make your ready before taking insurance. Your car also needs to be properly maintained after the insurance, because if there is any claim because of the manufacturer’s fault, insurance may not cover that.
  9. Hey! that sand paper thing worked man. Thank you Bro! My tail lights look really better now.
  10. thanks Man! I found it in Satwa. They are really good with their mechanism. Loved it!
  11. What’s the cost of replacing the oil pump in Cadillac SRX?
  12. I am a proud owner of SRX 2010 model. I have no complaints from my car as it has better performance and fuel economy compared to same range of other SUV rivals. It has got classy interior and sporty ride which makes my ride smoother and faster. No complaints yet. Please share your reviews about the same car.
  13. The parts of Cadillac BLS is easily available in dxb? My friend has BLS 2007 model and he is not able to get some engine parts easily. Its not even available at the dealer right now. Is there any workshop where he can find the parts easily in Dubai?
  14. Hey people. What do you think of new Toyota Aygo. I mean i was really impressed with the looks if the car. Share what features you know about this car. I may buy this one. Really Curious!
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