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  1. My advise will be with Lumina, although both options are pretty close. Caprice is inch better in lucury but Lumina will take the rough road more easily than Cap. Lumina maintenance will also be an inch cheaper than caprice.
  2. bashir wrote: > Chevrolet Impala is the only car in the world that holds the record of maximum selling > car model until today. Need to say anything more....! Chevrolet makes the best cars > with affordable and realistic price tag unlike many Japanese and German car makers. they are very durable too. i remember going to outskirts in these cars and we never had any major problems
  3. Just came across some crazy news that new 2014 model Chevrolet Camaro SS coming in convertible option. Any idea guys if this will be hitting Dubai, UAE market as well? Looks awesome from the pictures released. New V8 is pushing 426 horsepower with 0-100 in 5.4 seconds (wow). Must be amazing power for such a small car and now even more lighter with convertible option. Read good reviews about 2013 model so assuming this must be following similar path atleast 90% of it a same car. lol Engine: 6.2L V8 Power: 426 HP / 420 LB-FT Transmission: 6-Speed Manual 0-60 Time: 5.4 Seconds Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive Curb Weight: 4,172 LBS Seating: 2+2 Cargo: 10.2 CU-FT MPG: 16 City / 24 HWY Sticker in US: 46K, must be close to 200k AED. What say guys, any one knows anything yet.
  4. Thanks Ramzi, for sharing these tips here with everyone. I remember or recall many points from 6 years back first aid training i had in my ex company. Many things are so obvious but we tend to forget when we are in panic situation. Good you put it here for everyone to learn and understand even if they have not gone thru such training.
  5. Shaking steering need alignment, wheel balance, axle boot if its torn or out of grease. If shake is persistent in all speed especially low speed then axle boot and it shake is more evident at slightly higher speed above 40-50 then wheel balancing. Better show to some good mechanic that can feel the judder and advise precisely.
  6. My strongest advise is, go to the car again and try jump starting with your friend's car or some other car and see if it starts after 5 minutes of attaching the leads. Many times battery dies without any prior indication and looks good all way long. If car still not starting, then get the car to trustworthy mechanic as ashish mentioned. If car is not cranking at all with jump leads even, then your starter motor (self) is dead. Change that simply. OR If car is cranking but not starting then one should look on below points in their priority sequence. 1) Battery isnt weak and not supplying enough cranking amp. 2) Loos battery terminal connection, move them slightly and if they swivel, then remove them clean them and refix it tightly. 3) Check all spark plugs wires are properly inserted and fixed firmly. 4) Check all spark plugs are fine and not jet black (burnt) 5) Check all spark plugs wires (HT lead) supplying enough current 6) Check fuel pump is sending fuel to the engine. To check this turn ignition key half and if you hear on eprime in engine bay for 10 - 30 seconds and then it stops that mean fuel pump is fine and sending and building enough fuel pressure to start the car. You can check the fuel pressure from engine bay fuel line, have small schrader valve that should show around 25 psi of fuel pressure, you can check that with any tire pressure gauge. 7) Suspect the ignition coil. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  7. Well all i can say it has good value for money in that segment of car. If you can afford aim for little higher segment, as in eco and sub compact league company cut lot of corner to beat the price and it shows very fast after year of life. I hope you understand what i am trying to point out is staw away from startup line up and go few notches high if you want good reliable car for years to come.
  8. Of course, dealer here have all the tools to talk to car computer and understand what it is? From the explanation it sounds like not very serious issue, but i dont know really. Your best bet is to show to the dealer and ask them to fix it, anyways your car comes with 5 year warranty right?
  9. Chevy cars is my favorite since im kid. They have so much of past, history and honor that i grew up admiring them with my dad, uncle and school friends. Every road had and has one Chevrolet in Dubai. And till date Chevy rocks in Dubai.
  10. It can only be reset with chevrolet compliant OBD-II Diagnostic tool like Diagun or X-launch431. Almost every shop in aweer, rashidiya, al quoz, szr has these tools.
  11. Service advisor talk of engine braking system is partly right and not quite fully as braking period is until 1000 kms and not 2000kms secondly braking have effect on wear and tear of engine internal components and not as such on fuel mileage. Thirdly if you make noise they might have to return car to new one. And after 5000kms they are more easier to wash off their hands. Go and make big scene at service center and ask them to show you another new car giving pathetic mileage instead of selling crap and not doing through check. You insist on changing to another new car, then they will fix this problem.
  12. You can try Al Suwaidi Garage in Rashidiya, they good with body modifications.
  13. You cant add it in mylink, as its disable by manufacturer or dealer in lower end car so that you have to pay money for upgrade it. This is what i heard from one of my colleague who bought similar car last month. She complained initially then she bought 300 dhs small nuvi navigation.
  14. Injectors are usually made for life and need not be changed periodically. You can clean then with fuel additive (if needed). On a side not, get the car comp check and see why engine light is flashing than wasting money on injectors. All you know there might be something else very small / silly that can be fixed in lot less.
  15. Not really, unless you have some issue in fuel delivery then yes try the fuel injector cleaner as fuel additives. If still have some issues, then i heard that Bosch on SZR do clean injectors and service them. One of my friend got them cleaned for his Mitsubishi car.
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