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  1. thanks for the advising as i used the list too. Went to radiant car wash they were very good.
  2. every year changing battery is no good.
  3. alikesh wrote: > using a high performance engine oil that chevrolet has specially made for > Camaro should be used. mobil 1 is the best is what i have been using all these years.
  4. squeaking noise could be anything to everything. i suggest get a detail check for i think is 150 aed at X service and find out the actual cause.
  5. it is a good car yes but if you are planing on driving for long hours i suggest go for toyota or mitsubishi. If its short hours then this car is good.
  6. mobil 1 is the best engine oil used in Most Engines here.
  7. If it makes soudn while hitting brake ONLY, then either brake pads are worn out (which is not ur case) or brake drums are weak. Check the minimum thickness on disc if its lower than 4 mm, get new one.
  8. when you apply brake and you dont get immediate response then it means that the brakes should be checked. if you have any fluid leaking it can be the brake oil that is leaking. always keep an eye on the brakes as it can be life threatening if not taken care.
  9. when i got the radiator changed i faced the same problem. i didnt know what went wrong so i had to get a complete car checked so i suggest that you get the car checked at a good service center.
  10. An ignition coil is an induction coil in an automobile's ignition system which changes multiplies the battery's low voltage to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel.
  11. i got a tester from Satwaa Old Market and costed me very less then my brother bought from ACE Hardware.
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