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  1. the rear axle maybe bent for all you may know. go to a good lazzer in karama and show the car he will charge 50 aed and tell you what is wrong. looking at the bent will only answer the question.
  2. In my opinion when getting a warning message any warning message never think of removing first think of fixing the problem. this is the car's way of letting you car know of a smaller problem before it gets bigger.
  3. there is a part called the AC blender and when this stops working the AC may do such things. easiest way is to check it and replace.
  4. if the steering oil is leaking then there can be a squeaking noise. i know its a very old problem now but i just thought of sharing this.
  5. then it could be that the Air Filter needs changing.
  6. Dont drive, as it might short circuit. You surely have loose connection in head lam. Open the head lamps by yourself if you confident and see if some wire or lamp is loose. If both headlight flickering, check the head light fuse not the headlight and better change the fuse even if still looks good, it may be on dying stage.
  7. If car is working fine other than reverse then their is only two reason Gear lever connector is not connecting to reverse or Gear solenoid is faulty Both are electrical issues, see some good electrician experience in gear repairs. Better go to gear shop they have all the tools to test and advise. Try DEXOL in shj, they are awesome in gear repair and rebuilding them.
  8. Check the driver door lock from inside may need some grease or lubrication. Or else open the door cover and look for anything stuck in between. In last you can change the door lock.
  9. Check relay, common failure in Tahoe. Interior light relay control these things too.
  10. i got a second hand lumina for a friend of mine i want to get he intensity of the breaks changed as i has already got new breaks for the car hardly a month old. can i change it myself or do i need a pro
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