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  1. most likely it will be a direct short as in a wire touching the manifold also maybe a shorted to the frame or ignition switch which is mounted on top of the steering column to gain access drop the column to the seat.
  2. When you turn ignition on it releases a cable that is attached to the shifter also the shifter has a solenoid attached to it that is released when you step on the brake. Most time when you have this problem of button stuck and cant shift out of park the solenoid usually sticking and wouldn't release. Disconnect the battery then go turn the ignition to on position then try to shift into neutral if it does need to replace brake switch or wiring connection . You can leave in nuetral turn ignition off might not go to lock but hook battery up should be able to shift until you put back in park until you get switch replaced.
  3. Leak from engine is engine oil. If its very minor, its pretty acceptable and if its major that after every parking you see spot on floor get it fixed. For fixing you ned that rear seal and mechanic who can lift the car and fix the seal from behind the engine. Its pretty straight forward but technical job.
  4. You must looking at faulty fuse or relay, check both and hopefully you will fix this issue.
  5. You can buy from dealer or from scrap (used one) in shj.
  6. Check the AC compressor is switching on? Check AC gas is full and no bubbles shown in AC gas small window (hole) Check AC pressure switch and fuese and relays.
  7. my 2004 SSR the oil pressure gauge is reading 80lbs and pegged it is normally at 45-50lbs. What could be the problem ?
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