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  1. See some yellow socket under driver seat (if any), play with it and restart car and see if it goes off. If not get computer check and ask them to clear the warning if there is no fault. If fault then you got to change that part.
  2. It may need major service and some consumable at engine level too. Check the manual and see what all is needed, do that first and see if still have knocking. All u know it cud be low oil level, or bad spark plug. If not, it might get serious to open the half engine to check and repair so in that case get the computer test done and if you cant find any reason in that. Go for compression test for all cylinders and see if all reading is in +- 10 -20 PSI range.
  3. Dont wait too long, as american cars are not as forgiving than Japanese. So get it done sooner than later.
  4. Check the air filter, fuel pump delivery, spark plug.
  5. Check the motor connection or fuse for rear wiper, its often neglected.
  6. It may be gear downshift issue, check the gear oil and if in doubt or if its dirty then please change it.
  7. It is under the car engine near the bell housing.
  8. Brake pedal or the calliper needs to be adjusted. If you changed and flushed all brake oil, then u might need to bleed brake oil to have proper pressure build up just like before.
  9. Your car wheels proper alignment, thats a fine alignment issue which seems to be more noticeable on high speed than in slow speed.
  10. buy new horn and replace it by yourself its easy. Near the front grill in backside you will see horn stick with screws, remove it and stick new one and plug the cables back in same order as you remove from old. 10 mins DIY job.
  11. have a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban which have a day time running lights and i want to remove them. how can i do that. thanks
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