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  1. unplug the previous motor, take the mounting screws out and put the new one in mount it back up and plug it back in.
  2. When was the last time you have got the filter changed in your car?
  3. If fuel has stopped reaching the engine (im guessing as you misspelled that word). Show to the same mechanic who fix the radiator, he must have fingured something for you to come back again and pay some money. lol.
  4. Bad ignition coil is the only reason. Check for spark in full dark area so that you can see it properly before jumping on coil change.
  5. If its fine now, then dont bother. Car must have stalled due to some carbon, fuel filter bad supply etc.
  6. I really think these both things arent related and you must be thinking this due to some other reason. Cruise is electronic wired wire hold the throttle and nothing else it do on engine. Its a same throttle that you push with gas pedal or with cruise control wire, its same.
  7. Top up your Power steering Fluid and inspect for leaks and get it fix. If PSF is full, then mean steering pump is dying and expensive to fix.
  8. Its in the engine bay next to back side wall. Center part (shiny, new one) in picture is fuel pressure regulator
  9. the cruise control is not working i have checked the fuse which is working fine what could it be
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