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  1. What does the motor oil do except the lubrication?
  2. Hey guys! I have Mitsubishi galant from 4 years now. Suddenly the fuel pressure is too much in the car as informed by my mechanic. My question is What happens when there is too much fuel pressure in the car?
  3. Ummm OK. I will try the same. But I have never done anything like this before.
  4. The headlights of my Commander, 2013 model are very foggy, not only from outside but inside as well. Why is it so and how can I remove it?
  5. How much is the fine for driving to the right next lane of the yellow line?
  6. Why the hell my brakes are making so much noise? I have VW Jetta, and the brakes are really annoying these days. Why is this happening?
  7. May I know the way of checking the Oil level in the manual Transmission of my Mitisubishi Eclipse, 2010 model?
  8. How to install a jack when someone wants to work underneath the car?
  9. Toyota is really reliable and affordable brand. I mean talk about the maintenance charges, replacement charges or even the oil change: everything comes in your budget. They are smooth and really strong features brand. I personally love Toyota
  10. when my low beam stopped working i changed the bulb and even checked for the fuse which works just fine but still the low beam is not working now what
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