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  1. if you have the money then i dont see any limitations on upgrading your Chevrolet. the best part is this company makes the world best cars. love alll Chevrolet cars!!!!
  2. using a high performance engine oil that chevrolet has specially made for Camaro should be used.
  3. mine happened in a accident had to replace the entire dam thing.
  4. if you check the user manual of your car you will know exactly what is changed and when. i suggest that you read the manual.
  5. if you want to take my suggestion dont spend so much on original ones they are way too expensive. go for the A grade ones.
  6. guys could you please share as to how was this problem solved?
  7. the throttle response may be delaying that is when the car changes gear it acts up. get it checked.
  8. tires are also to be checked specially in summers as they expand in heat and they may contract at nights.
  9. have u looked at the connection, it may be loose.
  10. Chevrolet cars are good for this part of the world as most of the car manufacturers design the cars according to local climate.
  11. Remove the clamp from the check valve and the AIR hose from the check valve. For replacing unscrew from air pipe and install new
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