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  1. Salam Aleikum! Well, i just purchased a 2nd hand 2009 Caprice Royale.. about 60,000 KMS done for 67k Need a heads up on a couple of things: 1- good, reliable but fairly "affordable" service centres for chevys? (Besides the Actual Dealership) 2- Bodykits (custom or aftermarket) Ive checked online and cant seem to find any Help <3 ! 3- Any known issues i should know and how to deal with them? 4- Holden Badges or Custom Badges? Where can i get my hands on them. I saw a chevy lumina a while ago who had his name "ALi" Made as a badge for the front! Would love to know where to get that done Thank yall soooooooo much for taking the time to help me out I know a couple of garages that do good matte foiling for about 1000-1500, Really good finishing and all colors available. Let me know <3 THANKS <3
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