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  1. Which chevy do you guys suggest: Caprice or Lumina (around 05-06 model) for comfort, speed and luxury plus occasional driving through sharjah rough (unpaved) roads.
  2. Technical resources in al quoz is something who you can count on professional and educated approach. You just need to reason it out whatever they say, so that you understand what is needed.
  3. Red splash is usually a transmission oil, you need to get the car checked from down and look for leak in and around the transmission area. Secondly, if your coolant is red color than green color please check the coolant lines if they are leaking any coolant.
  4. My Epica is whisteling quite much on highway speed lately. I know its light car and not very well insulated like bigger and luxury cars but i have never experienced the sharp whistling like this before. I open and close all windows many times and clean the glass touching area and vaccum it nicely thinking that some place gap is making this whistle, but its still same. Any help guys. Thank you.
  5. Softer braking is majorly caused by old brake fluid that has enough moisture to make brake spongy. If you pump the brakes and it gets harder then it means brake booster is on its way to go bad. Try with brake fluid change completely and if it still stays same then you should explore with other expensive areas.
  6. Also check or change the Air Filter as its one of the most important element pertaining low fuel mileage as due to dirty or clogged air filter fuel is burning rich than lean and drinking more fuel per km.
  7. Chevrolet Impala is the only car in the world that holds the record of maximum selling car model until today. Need to say anything more....! Chevrolet makes the best cars with affordable and realistic price tag unlike many Japanese and German car makers.
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