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  1. most of the battery available in gulf are good but make sure you go for maintenance free ones
  2. the sensor that determines the coolant level must be faulty which is a fairly common problem.
  3. it is a brand new car why do u wait for a service to fix the problem? take your car straight to the agency and ask them to fix it or to change the car itself.SIMPLE
  4. video no but i will past a ehow which i googled it Find the fill plug on the top of the gearbox. if you cant find it follow the speedometer cable down to where it connects to the transmission; the fill plug will be near the cable. Remove the fill plug. Place a clean funnel in the fill hole and fill the gearbox with gear oil. Check your vehicle specifications to see how much is needed. Re-install the fill plug when done, hand-tighten and then torque the plug down with a socket wrench one turn hope this helped
  5. change it then... i see no other alternative
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