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  1. Hi guys, i am noticing a red splash under my car after i drive it out of my parking place. It seems to be a leak but i have not noticed this kind of a leak, check the oil and fluid levels, most of the things seem normal unless i am missing something? also i hear a noise now driving my chevy. it seems to be coming from up close like near the steering wheel. I wonder if its related to the leak? Thanks for responses in advance!
  2. shukran everyone and thanks mac for explaining the process to me. Sounds easy but lengthy like we agreed before. I guess i wont be doing this alone even if i plan to do it.
  3. yes exactly my point and i do agree with the money aspect as well, both me and my family have other primary cars we use. this is just a gift from daddy.
  4. hi guys, i own an old 05 chev cavalier which was passed down from my dad and have done most of the minor repairs myself whenever it required some. The car seems to be from the stonage but i kept it a point to keep it running and handy. I am trying to get around how to replace/repair the chevy cavalier head gasket and when i searched online it seemed like a tedious task. Is it really?
  5. Air conditioning is smelling foul. How to remove the smell.
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