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  1. Thanks Jonathan for very nicely explain the braking issue. I am kind of experiencing the softer braking since last month and yesterday due to some emergency braking i realized its not stopping as fast as before. Looks like I have to follow your advise and get the pad , disc and pistons checked . Appreciate your help and explanation is lay man language. Cheers.
  2. I am not sure about specific workshop in Abu Dhabi, but I have been to Musafah many times and seen some good quality workshop. I think its worth making a trip to musafah. Alternatively you can check and call few workshop from this link: http://www.chevroletdubai.com/workshop/general-purpose-workshop-garage-abu-dhabi-t324.html
  3. My car is not getting locked now. what should i do to fix it.
  4. the alarm system is not working. what should be the solution to this?
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