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  1. If it is more of a chip or a small crack, you can simply go to a hardware store and get a wind shield repair kit.
  2. It could also be as simple as your parking brake not being pulled down properly. Sometimes I forget that I haven't really pulled down the brakes yet.
  3. Does anyone know what this logo mean? I know it's Chevrolet's. what I want to know is the reasoning of the design.
  4. I have tinkered a bit when I got home and for some reason after I have dropped some grease in the motors, it started working fine.
  5. For some reason the windshield wipers just suddenly stopped mid way. Not it is stuck at the center of my windshield. Any ideas on how to get rid of it.
  6. If budget permits, it is always best to get a new car than used. Sometimes there are problems we don't see during the test drive and we only see it when the deal has been finished.
  7. lol. I suppose you were thinking if it should create any mess or imbalance if you only change only the front right? Don't worry it doesn't.
  8. Can anybody help me? It seems that the windshield wiper of my sister-in-law's cruze is acting up. The left windshield wiper is slow and get's left behind or collides with the right wiper. I have already checked the left wiper if it is the rubber and already put grease but it still didn't work. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?
  9. Try to run the washer while the hood is open then check to see if the hose might have come off. This will help you eliminate where the problem is coming from.
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