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  1. Try Properly. Sometimes its difficult to put it back in but try to do it safely without harming the components. I am sure you will be able to do it.
  2. You can use a coin to check the tire tread wear. If the coin goes really underneath with the tread, then your tire is wearing badly. If the dont see any bulging of the coin while you are moving the coin on the tire, it means that there is no wearing in the tire.
  3. It feels as if the compressor is not responding when the AC is in my car. This is happening from yesterday. I need AC in my car. Annoyed! Whats wrong?
  4. Fuel trim helps you knowing the ratio of the air/fuel in your car. The engine computer system adjustment is done through fuel trim which specifies the ratio of air and fuel in the car which is combined to be known as fuel mixture is as per recommended or not. You can always check for the fuel mixture ratio in your car manual as well. It will give you a brief idea of what ratio is best recommended in your car.
  5. You guys were right i suppose. The radiator was too hot. I took the car to the dealer, and they said that the coolant was leaking. Don even ask the repair cost. They had to chage the head gasket and the radiator.
  6. Hey guys. Can anyone share how the electric fuel pump works in Kia Sedona?
  7. Hey guys. I want to do complete brake job on my car. But not really sure, what things are included in the same. Can someone tell me what things are included along with the procedure in the complete brake job?
  8. Choosing the brake pad depends on the type of brake in your car. If your car has disc brakes, then you will need brake pads which are thinner. But if your car has drum brakes, you will be requiring brake shoes and not the brake pads.
  9. Its easy. Buy the new side mirror first. Now to install the new one, you got to remove the broken side mirror. There is a plastic cover inside the car which is covering the mounting screws. Remove that first. Unscrew all the mounting screws of the side mirror. Be careful when you do that, and make sure you dont loose any screw, as you will be needing them all to fix the new mirror. Along with the screws, there will be an electric plug as well. Just deattache the same when you are removing the mirror. After removing all the bolts, install the new side mirror on the door, and tense all the bolta back. After you tighten all the bolta, attach the electric plug again to the space provided. Now, put back the plastic cover to the original space. You are good to go now!
  10. Ummm ok. But are you sure it’s because of overheating. And is it a big money to resolve this issue.
  11. How do I replace spark plugs in my car?
  12. Do you keep your battery on, even when you go on long trips or vacatio? If yes, then it is obvious that the battery will drain away.
  13. If the engine is not cracking, it means something is wrong with the battery, cables or he started. Try to blow horn; if it doesn’t respond it mean the battery is gone really down. Since you were on vacation, I am assuming that the battery is the issue. Your battery, I bet, is running down. You need to get the battery charged.
  14. Well about the Pros: Its a Land Cruiser!! I think the ame is enough. It is titled as oen of the best cars for family. Along with that, the car is really safe for kids. Theinterior of the car is also classy. You can always use your ladn cruiser for safari. Cons: htink its bit expensive if you compare it with other 4X4 segment cars. I mean you can opt for Prado as well which is cheaper than Landcruiser and alost same features.
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