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  1. Basically when you go on the highway and put it on cruise control the Vortec engine lowers in cyl's to get better fuel economy.
  2. Well I'm xtinguish and it's nice to meet you two. I'm new here and looking forward to posting around and learning new things! I've been a big Chevy fan my whole life. My family has owned all chevy's.
  3. Well the worst car problem I've ever experienced was when my mother was driving the suburban in the winter and she didn't know how to use the 4x4. She ended up putting it in 4x4 low instead of high while driving on the highway. She ended up blowing up the engine.
  4. For me I'd rather buy used unless the price is close. For new your going to get it cheaper however you don't know what they did to the car before you bought it. It really depends on the car and the situation. For me at least.
  5. The Chevy Suburbans are by far the best SUV's out there on the road. I've only had two Suburbans and they were 1992 and 2003. They are such reliable trucks, it's amazing. Great for towing, 4x4, lugging large cargo around and family.
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