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  1. kasim


  2. Agree with treks, I have never seen multipurpose engine oil doing any good to any one type of engine: Petrol or Diesel.
  3. lol. little "Big Mini". Nice detailing and clever thinking.
  4. eeewww man, how come this guy is so cool after loosing his finger and recording with such great detail.....!
  5. WTH guys, someone has really come up with a solution to this issue.......? I used to think it's impossible to solve this puzzle. +1, very good move and hope to see this happening here too.
  6. Go for Mobil1 Engine Oil and see the major difference in driving and fuel efficiency, I am using since two years in all my cars.
  7. Smart has few more bumper, door, and side fender mods, shows how the owner is a fan of extra detailing and big control with big toy key at the end. I wanna meet this guy man.....! This blower turbo is nice, I am sure someone must have tried the hair dryer and vacuum cleaner as well. lol.
  8. This is indeed good move, I totally agree and always wonder why people become less tolerant unless tied up with some fines news.
  9. I personally feel this will never be allowed. Moreover I feel this will reveal how many inconsiderate and uncivilized drivers drive in here including some big expensive shiny cars with fancy 4 digit number plates. It's the quick rich drivers makes lot of nonsense of tailgating, flashing constantly, cutting 5 rows in less than 1 seconds, jumping the queue. On the other hand biggest guys who drive 2 or 3 digit they drive very humbly and respectfully on second or third lane. How often you have seen civic, accord, altima or camry drivers doing much of non-sense: 1 in 100......!
  10. My suggestion is never stick to one garage and keep flipping these buggers, as I realized that the moment you get comfortable with one garage then after 2-3 time visit he will skin the hell out of you for all the trust he build in first few visit. I have been bitten by 3 diff garage in exactly same way. Drive around al quoz, rashidiya, aweer in dubai and you will see plenty of all range of garage and get the three opinion and pick the honest and cheapest garage. Cost of repairing anything in sharjah will be cheaper by 30% so prefer to go there if you have bulky and many things to attend or else for minor maintenance rashidiya and aweer garage are not bad, al quoz is tad more expensive.
  11. Alexa ranking going down for all offroad clubs.....! Why they are low in such a nice weather and peak off-road season......?
  12. Can you explain if this shudder is from engine hesitation or the wheel based vibration?
  13. In American car it is recommended to change gear oil at 100k miles means 160k km, so if we use that approximation in your case of Mazda then 80K is fine to change even if dealer says it's lifetime. It's a marketing thing....! I highly agree with Danny boi advise to change gear oil and filter asap w/o any delay.
  14. Though engine oil has still over 40% life left as per last service kms, but I checked and it's quite dark and no longer in crisp golden color. Do I change oil before the recommended kms interval or should I wait safely for doing more? Appreciate if someone can shed light on how to further diagnose engine oil usable condition and life than only based on kms criteria. Thanks.
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