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  1. Emad: The brakes are working fine. The sound is due to the cover. So, no it's not dangerous...
  2. Didn't get a chance yet but will update you. Do you know any garage?
  3. Hey Jack, do you know the names and phone numbers? I would much appreciate.
  4. Yes Shabir, I have done that already. All I need is to clean the injectors and replace the washers. Thanks though.
  5. Car: Chevy Camaro V6 1998 Problem: Engine light On I have had this Engine Light On before and had checked with many garages but only got ripped off. Finally one mechanic changed the Fuel Injectors for all 6 cylinders (along with the washers) and it got fixed. Now after 6months the light is back. My question is: Should I get the Injectors cleaned and washers changed OR change the injectors and the washers all over again? What is the life span of the injectors and the washers? Please advice...
  6. @Shabir: At high speed when I hit little brake it does not shake or make sound. Only when in low speed (while approaching speed breaker) it makes that sound! The machanic checked and said disc is ok!
  7. Oh that was in Bahrain. This a**hole thought, just because I am female I have no idea about cars!!! Grrrr.... Anyway, so he tried to rip me off big time. But fortunately I did not fall for his scam. He told me he changed the Airbag control unit (which he did not) and wanted BD370/AED3700 for that. Haha... Rrrrrright....
  8. Camaro 1998 V6 and she is a sweetheart. I take good care of her and she does the same 55000KM only Can't think of parting with her ever!
  9. Hi everyone, Could you suggest what Engine Oil is best suited for Camaro V6 1998?
  10. rayel: Wheel alignment is ok zilan: disc thickness is 4mm
  11. I have a 1998 Camaro. I recently got new tires but now it is making funny sound when I hit the brakes (there is a slight jerk as well). The brake pads are fine (recently changed). This sound is really bothering me. I drove down to Abu Dhabi and after my return the car is vibrating a bit when in N. I will change the fan belt soon as it is worn out. Can anyone advise?
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