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  1. My 2008 Model chev tahoe is a having cracking dassboard, although I have covered it with speacial mat after first crack but anyways to stop making it more cracking by more hgeat and sinlight. Replcing is too much money, and no point if again same broblem then fix this one is bettr.
  2. Don't worry about it I have done it a couple of times myself. You might screw up the first time but trust me itll help you familiarize yourself with the car.
  3. Thanks evon .. I used a mallet and a screw driver .. worked wonders .. I was confused on how I should make it turn. Fuel pump replaced successfully!
  4. hi guys It might come to everyone as a surprise but my 10 year old Camaro V6 needs the fuel pump replaced and I gathered to guts to do it myself. I am not a mechanic but I have done many changes and fixes to my car myself and saved myself the hassle of letting the mechanics handle it. Seemed to me that every time I did fixed my car myself it always worked out whereas when the professionals are involved ... one thing after the other got screwed up. Anyways - going back to the topic, I have gotten around to accessing my fuel pump through the trunk. Its called the trap door method and the
  5. Hello there, I am looking forward to buying an Aveo and have two choices. One is from 2006 and the other is from 2009. The 2006 model is obviously cheaper ... and is in good condition however I am told that I should buy the 2009 one regardless sine it has a stainless steel exhaust. The previous ones did not have this feature and I think to some extent it is very important to have a stainless steel one. Anyways, do you guys think this is a valid enough reason to be spending more when i can settle for a 2006 model as well? Thanks
  6. i am still doing some research on the logo..
  7. mud flaps are not very expensive to change.
  8. i have been to this workshop in ras al khaima who show themselves as big shots name is quasir garage and auto. with people who dont even know how to communicate with the customer he made a big mess of my car which burnt a big hole in my pocket. very bad experience.
  9. isint it dangerous driving without fixing brakes?
  10. peterusa wrote: > changed xel boot how much were you charged?
  11. having changed the timing belt i have felt my car is delaying in response. any quick advise as to what i can do to check this?
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