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  1. Yes you can mix and still be running on 78.08% nitrogen or maybe more in your case
  2. Make a guess, post below and then watch the video. I purposely didn't embed the video to kill the surprise, so don't complaint. Ideally you should keep your tire pressure at 30-32 PSI OR 2.0 - 2.2 Bar. https://youtu.be/pP6vnIuod_s
  3. 2006 VW Golf, then upgraded to Mustang and happily married after
  4. I need a proper 7 seater for a month - 4 or 2 wheel doesn't matter, need to get around malls, beach etc. Please PM your offer and pictures
  5. Am I the only one wondering this or has anyone spotted this too, that all dealers have low mileage cars and all private seller has high roller. Why...? Does that mean all low mileage car owners selling there cars to dealer without even advertising or dealers are playing here with odo?
  6. Mustang and Hybrid ---- seems like next stop will be electric then, after seeing 4cyl - 2.3 anything is possible with this once called legend
  7. Nice upgrade, you could have switch to electric fan too while everything was out, it helps in higher rev cooling
  8. What is ur budget and to what extent of upgrade you are planning - entry, prosumer or competition?
  9. Danny


  10. I liked both as they both deserved a like certainly
  11. What a legend this guy is, hope he gets recover soon
  12. Guy can't pace the car was hilarious, lololol.
  13. 5 years old BMW might be expensive to maintain really as all start to fail in BMW after 5 years warranty over and sometime even earlier but you are covered with warranty. Thats why 4 year old BMW and 5 year old BMW has huge price drop on any model. unless getting the super dirt cheap, don't fall for it and even if you buy then knock it off after a year or so.
  14. I have been a Ford Mustang fan since a kid and this is my second Mustang in Dubai. I am driving this Ford Mustang since 2014 fall and never had any major issue that cost me more than 1000 -1500 dhs to fix on the tops (some exhaust or manifold sensor failed once, second was engine bushes). First two year I had service from Al Tayer and after that I'm very happy with ENoc quick service that saves time and money both. As all Mustang, the performance is the key contributor of their major sales all around the world, that they snug the driver so nice that dragon and the rider become one to eat any car on the road. lololol, just kidding I don't race anymore, but I'm serious on performance is beyond anyone expectation and imagination. I drove a couple of G35, Golf, challenger, camaro, Subaru's etc. but nothing can come close to the real muscle car made for men and not boys/babies. My car is currently 86,184 kms driven and I get about 16-20 L/100 fuel mileage, 16 when sober and 20 while kidding ;-). in this newer Ford Mustang they have added tons of enhancement in infotainment system which was not there in my previous 2007-8 MY. IN this new shape the steering wheel also has lot of options for setting and controlling cruise, changing music source/channel/track etc with volume buttons. Almost everything that you wish to touch while driving is very well placed in the steering wheel. Adding Bluetooth to pair with Microsoft Sync system to answer calls and play music is another great blessing. There are few things that I really wish that Ford dealer should be more responsive in doing services more faster. Ford can improve interior craftsmanship as in places it feels bit squeaky and cheap plastic or faux leather used. Last but not least, my strongest advice to stay away from US salvage model as those are flood damage or insurance totaled cars to begin with and being non-gcc, they will cough up 4000 - 5000 dhs job during the summer month. If the car has been driven in Dubai since few years and those changing of radiator and compressor and cooling is sorted it may be a good cheap deal to put your hands on.
  15. This schmuck is known and famous for his bullshitting videos and that's where DEVEL found an apropriate channel to promote than the mainstrem media. I seriously hope if anyone of the cars they race with chalenge them and sue them for fake publicity and false numbers. With this rig height, weight and 40 inch x 6 tires they need serious hp to fry those supercars.
  16. Best kept secrets on how to effectively use the reach and power of dubizzle uae without wasting much time and falling into scam or ponzi deals - MUST READ I have spent som good number of years in UAE and seen dubizzle in uae growing and surpasing the reach of classifieds business with amazing growth. Of course due to their early start they had very good lead in the classifieds especially in used car business, but after that dubizzle continuosly improve the system and made it more beneficil to end users. Even when they start charging recenly, I thought they will fail now but their strong reach really saved them. P.S. This is not promotion or bashing of dubizzle uae in any way and im sharing my experience to help other car enthusiasts here on how to sell and buy cars with dubizzle. Do your car research well and get it's right estimated price set in your mind Too high above 30-40% of estimated price is a private deal and keep following that ad and that seller will start reducing soon on daily basis. Too low below 30-40% of estimated price is a scammer Scammer always have no mobile number They only have email, message me or whatsapp number of outside uae if you send email then offer of car is in outside uae port - regular story wil come and pay me to get car cleared and then you can buy With dubizzle uae reach in all emirates of uae, now it's fully loaded with dealers and deal hunters only, I must say above 80% at least. Dealers will always set PERFECT price and have some key information missing in their ad So you call to check service hostory, warranty, accidents an dthey say, come to shop and ill show you everything You waste time for visiting each dealer and only 10% have everything that they say and 90% will say - oh it doesnt matter as we have 300 points checked on this car So ask dealer to send you all pictures of service history, warranty and accident details on whatsapp / email and you will save 90% time Genuine sellers are rare find these days as everyone is busy to sell their car by themselve, but see below for their characterstics Owner standing with car - 100% seller Night or unclear or blurry shots - 100% seller car inside have coke can or water bottle, cigg, mobile - 100% seller car outside the washing bay or service center - 100% seller car with baby seats, stroller in boot or junk in boot - 100% seller Best way to sell your cas fast with dubizzle in uae Avoid all above style of pics as its really disturbing to genuine buyers Clean car and remove all personal belonging as far as possible - baby seats are ok to show genuineness Click car in daylight under some nice shade to avoid over bright and dark images Click some minor defect / scratch pic and highlight to show you are genuine Click service history picture clik engine bay and underbody - if possible Dont click VIN number as its often misuse and made a comment in advertisement, its available on request Best way to buy car from dubizzle - genuine seller Keep following his/her advertisment for price drop Save that search and set email alert as dubizzle has nice function to send you email of your shortlisted car daily and in that email you can see that overpriced car from genuine seller and wait when he drop. Once within expected range, have all details check on fone as some owners are genuinely uneducated but not cheaters like dealers. Give good margin of error in understanding the engine size, power and features options as he/she may be using car for daily commute and have no idea of V8 vs V6, lol Never start bargain on fone as a decent buyer who will earn respect, as majority of car dealer agents do that by calling multiple times daily with "whats a last cash price huh" from tons of dfferent numebr to brain wash seller to sell at half the price. Once you convince with talk, get more picture, vin number and do your research if you are happy go in person and test drive the car and now if al looks good open the negotiation talk, trust me you will win 8 out of 10 times as by now seller is not on defensive mode + you have gained reputation of genuine buyer. After placing ad in dubizzle these days every seller become rude answering those fake calls, so you need to clear that image first very carefully to get good and sweet deal. If anyone like to add anything more, pleae feel free and make this dubizzle uae thread grow and help all car enthusiast in how to sell or buy cars from dubizzle in uae and save tons of time, hassle and money.
  17. I like how @treks pointed that the big businesses still supporting the fossil fuel and will be a bottle nexk in the future for early adopter. In UK all charging points are paid to us e and home charging point isn't fast charging so people bound to pay one way or ther other. I also respect Elon Musk vision of how setting things in past and launch the EV with own Tesla charging point and that's what is needed for every manufacturer who plan to rol EV in future to support that inventory for fast charging on strrets or else it will be waste. And after all whatever Tesla did, still company is in great losses and burning money at greater pace than ever even when Tesla is so highly priced. It's a clear example that one man cannot bring the change that whole scoietyu and nations want to enjoy and we all need to act as a committed plan.
  18. What a crap 20 mm ( 2 cm) tire width can make a difference but when 1 liter bigger engine dispalcement has no impct
  19. Name the car that has 3 wipers on front windshield.
  20. Welcome mate to the best place for car discussion to kil boredom with car geeks and experts. R u the one with mighty car mods?
  21. Thank you Carnity for lovely Iphone I just received today morning, insted of yesterday. grey color yes
  22. Danny

    Car Auctions

    That's a million dollars observation mate
  23. OMG, the second one is real car porn
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