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  1. Horn isn't having a relay. It has a fuse inside the engine bay fuse box. Read the diagram on top of cover and then change it.
  2. Get the AC gas checked, it must be leaking and now completely out. Get it topped up and fix the leak.
  3. It could be gear oil and bad filter. But before jumping on to oil, disconnect battery for 5 mins and connect back and try shifting to P if it goes it cold be electrical glicth and dont worry. Ford focus is quite notorious in these unexplainable electrical glicthes.
  4. It might affect a resale value for sure, other than that its a sensible move in older vehicle than 5 years life. You will save lot of hassle and love your car even more.
  5. If you have the noticeable smoke at exhaust that means engine oil leaking in fire chamber and getting burnt. This is because of piston rings is weak and need a change. If no smoke then check the coolant has turned milky and looks like engine oil has been mixed with coolant??? Then engine head gasket is leaking.
  6. Check the loose beading, lock, latches etc and shake them to see which one is loose.
  7. Disconnect the battery terminal and remove the key and connect the terminal back in. Test again. If it still doesn't come out show to some good technician as he need to remove the broken tumbler from steering coloumn.
  8. i have a 2008 escort and need to replace the cam shaft sensor. can somebody give me a step by step instructions. thanks
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