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  1. BMW Road Sharjah Car Parts is probably the biggest auto parts market in Asia, at least that's what I have been told from my old mechnic who lives behind just behind the BMW road. After so many years I spend in Ajman, Dubai and Sharjah I still meet people asking me "Where is Sharjah BMW Road Spare Parts" as they can't really find it on google maps or any navigation system anymore. Just a little background that BMW road named after the AGMC showroom used to be there some 20 years ago and now that showroom moved from Sharjah Industrial Area 1 to Sharjah Industrial Area 12, but name has been living so strong that everyone expect you to remember and know that place automatically. Little comic but this shows that this name has some magic for all car parts dealer and auto workshop in that area and they happily using it since two decades. Just for new people reference you can find almost any car brand new spare parts in Sharjah BMW road and just behind that road you have tons of low cost workshop where you can get your spare part fixed too. Many spare part shops in bmw road even hand you there own mechnaic reference who can fix the part immediately. BMW Road Sharjah is like a heaven for any car owner to get the car repaired with brand new original spare part at 30-40% discounted rates and get it installed also on same time. All the car spare part shops on Sharjah BMW Road offers major discount as per the original rates from dealer and that's why they become so popular and competitive that each shop fights the competition with 1-5 dhs difference. Reason they get almost 40% discount from dealer as they bulk purchase the parts and retail to end user at substantial discount. Sad reality of this area is not all spare part shops are selling original parts and some are selling fake parts too, so if you spot a huge difference in price you should ask: Is it original or tejari (fake) and see his face color changes and run away. In some cosmetic parts you might compromise with fake parts as they are not critical for your car or for your safety and you end up saving big amount, but on imp spare parts and consumale items you should never compromise for falke parts. BMW Road Sharjah location: Starting Point 25°18'30.6"N 55°23'26.7"E OR 25.308494, 55.390746 Sharjah BMW Road Location: Ending Point 25°19'19.3"N 55°24'12.3"E OR 25.322026, 55.403414 I estimate around 300+ car spare part shops must be there in this 2 Kms stretch, if anyone knows the exact number please let me know
  2. Have you found this type of service yet? Anyone here used car switch and what are there reviews about car switch experience in successfully selling their cars? How long time it actually took during the initial visit and listing the car? Do you take your car to car switch dubai office or do they come to your house? Do you ahve to leave your car with them while viewing in progress? Do they really get good cash buyer offer or just last price calls?
  3. Mustang is a true legend and icon from Ford. I always love and prefer Mustang over gayish camaro, but the challenger is good too
  4. I had this two door accord for over a year when I was young and it was really a sporty sedan that you cannot get required space and luxury in any other fast cars. Nice review adil bhai.
  5. You can only dream in UAE about engine swap as RTA will make sure that none of these dream come true ever. My dream will be to have that 1000 hp nissan patrol that killed the GTR few months back on SZR, I think it was running on Z06 engine from corvetter
  6. In such case my choice of weapon will be Nissan Patrol or Toyota Landcruiser if Im in UAE, as you all are missing the main point in such apocalyptic situation you need spare parts to run too other than fuel. Patrol and cruiser will be in 1000 in every gully that I can strip the parts to keep running and still if i need more then break into toyota and nissan service center as they will stocking each part in hundreds of quantity. Unfortunately guys, there is no running lada or unimog in dubai thatr you can score such parts, buhahahahahah
  7. @desertdude search with both eyes and not one as if you are searching for 3 days now you must be blind by now hahahah. Take it easy and let others also search, i just come to know abt this beefy promo and i hope im not late at party. I searched for 1 houyr and done for now, will try again lkater.
  8. Thanks all, for so much clarification and help, so I can use the cruise on highways in UAE which is almost straight as it really help in not making me tired with foot locked in one place.
  9. I used to think cruise control is good but recently I read somewhere in comments section that crusie control is bad for fuel mileage. Is it true? Please advise. Thanks all guys.
  10. Def this is not the best season to sell any car, as people leaving or already left for holidays selling their car in rush and breaking the market too bad. Summers is the season to buy. So hold until oct - nov and you will get good price but make sure to knock off before dec, as then next year depreciation will make price down again in all cars....my two cents.
  11. Thanks treks, for quick reply im feeling better now after understanding the background of it. Is there anything I need to do now or just forget about it and just don't do it again....?
  12. Due to some unavoidable situation I have to hit car rev's so much that it touched the red line and roar very loud. Although I escape of the big accident, and car seem to be driven good as well, but just wondering if this hitting the red line on rev meter can/may cause any issue.......?
  13. This seem to be very nice job done at least from the pics, I can tell you I have seen much worst job in Dubai from well known and famous workshop. How long it's been painted now and any sign of ageing showing like chipping, cracks, dullness or fading? How was the 3M paint protection experience and cost? was it worth it?
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