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  1. Yeah, It's a manufacturing defect and is seen on most 2000-2005 Explorer in UAE aswell.
  2. Surprisingly the price of a radiator on www.fordparts.com is just $265/us dollars which translate into approx AED1000/ add a hefty freight charges around 700 dirhams and it will reach to max 2500 after fitting! also I have checked the price of ambient temperature sensor that is causing my aircon to to modulate as per outside temperature. It's just $12 dollars. AlTayer is asking beyond 100 dirhams. you are right we are being robbed
  3. Thanx for changing the font of Dubai, it's now more stable than before. A good change.
  4. Kaka is right, a quick luck trial would be to fill the up the tank with high octane to clear any impurities.
  5. Usually Tires required to be changed after every 3years (by RTA/UAE regulation) and 40000kms (as per manufacturer’s warranty). Even if your spare tires was never been used there's fair chance that tire quality, drastically deteriorated. So if any given day you need to the help of spare tire, there's a possibility that it will cover only 10km and will tear apart aswell. My personal advice would be never to take chance on tires & brakes consider the local high temp climate. 2- If you are wishing to change size and brand of the tires especially size then make sure you ask Ford local service advisor to change/ adjust the gear ratios accordingly. In this particular case say you have changed from OEM meager 245/65-17 to 26 to more appropriate 265/65-17, even then you should buy a full set of 5 tires as the combination of different aspect ratio will not allow the gears to change normally. Frankly speaking it’s a very unpleasant situation. 3- On my ’07 Ford Explorer EB, I have switched to Yokohamas Geolandars HT/S and increased the tires ratio from OEM 245/65-17 to 265/65-17. With personal driving style as aggressive, this change is poles apart. It literally transformed the ride of the car. There’s so much confident driving now than before when car was shod with BF Goodrich’s lifeless unsupportive tread design. A flaw or a compromise done by Ford maybe to gain extra/ optimum fuel mileage, but to me there was no difference, except that now the steering is bit heavier than before.
  6. I'll definitely go there do that due diligence, Thanx for heads up start. Colonel, you're the man!
  7. Does anyone knows any good service garage for Ford. I've got '07 Explorer and got 85k on the odo. its time for the big service and as usual Al Tayer is asking for about 1200 AED for service & 85k Routine Maintenance Checks before any snags. Good guys at Al Tayer also told me to keep the car for atleast 3 working days. And if I notify them any problem (which can be a part of 85k RMC) they will additionally charge me 189 dirhams just to look at the concern (offcourse there will be an extra charge for part replacement). And so the list continues and drool is endless nameless. Like I asked them if they can pull out the codes of Engine Emission Control ( as the orange engine light appeared twice in past 6 months & went off on its own). You bet the charge for the computer is 300+ dirhams. I am sure when they'll plug-in OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics Computer) as a part of their RMC, it will automatically indicates the wrong one, anomalies. Bottom line is I am looking for a good reliable service garage for Ford! Thanx
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