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  1. Also get the tires checked (other than Al Tayer) to see if any tire has uneven wear or swollen that makes vibration on various speeds.
  2. Thats crap, how dealers easily wash off hands here with their warranty by saying its normal. Why dont you ask any specialized gear mecahnics shop like AC Delco, ZF in aweer area check the car and give you in writing whats wrong with gear. Once you have this report show it to dealer and ask them to fix under warranty. This is absolutely not a normal behavior and it def sounds like a gear misbehavior due to something. For point number 3, try to warm up car nicely from idle for like 10-15 mins and then drive and see if it still shakes. If it doesnt may be the oil reaching the AT taking some time, and once car is fully warm it circulate better.
  3. Im not sure what exactly you want to know. But here is wiki link that can help you get started with base infos, if thats what you are interested in. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Explorer_Sport_Trac
  4. Icon guys are really good you should try them.
  5. i agree sharjah and Rashidya workshops are far reasonable then AAA and 4X4 service centers.
  6. No idea man, is this US spec. Check the US price and start the selling price by adding 10% more and then knock off at same US price. Reason is US spec cars are little cheaper here.
  7. i suggest if you are not familiar with the procedure then don't try your hand on replacing the synchronizer let the experts take care of it.
  8. The best is, find out make and model of in dash unit and then google its operation manual and hacks, so that you can do lot more than that. My friend did same in his FJC, where dealer was saying no you cant display logo there.
  9. How long it takes to throw new GPS in new car, if they really want to sell complete car. Its all about different level of customer service here.
  10. Dont go on onroad appearance. Do a better research and testing before buying it or not? If you driven it and like it then go for it, dont think anything else.
  11. Sure y not it is the best way to avoid rusting on the car just make sure that u use the original paint and get it done with a professional
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