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  1. this is sooooo insane fluctuation can be for number of reason. did they check any leaks in radiator. is the coolant leaking?
  2. Hello Aamer, Technical resources is good garage in Al quoz area behind Mall of Emirates (closer to al khail road exit) in end. They usually do a lot of insurance fixes job and have good quality and competitive pricing.
  3. Hello everyone, stumble upon nice ford news cum achievement and thought of sharing with fellow Ford owners here in Dubai, that will make you feel proud as well. Off lately Ford started becoming very environment friendly and reduce the oil and water usage at their assembly line car manufacturing plants. This defintely sounds like Ford do care about the environment and make every possible effort to protect for our future generation. ________________________________________________________________________________ Ford continues to expand the use of near-dry machining, also known as Minimum
  4. aboo Ibraheem wrote: > The Dubai Roads and Transport authority will remove the daily AED 24 cap on Salik > road tolls in July, it was announced on Sunday. > Previously, commuters who crossed the Salik gates more than six times in a day were > only required to pay a maximum of AED 24. > But, starting July 15, commuters will no longer benefit from the limit. > An RTA statement said the decision will only affect a small portion of commuters, > as 95% of private vehicles do not cross the gates more than six times a day. > RTA said the move will encourage motorist
  5. its called coolant sensor. ask mechanic to have a look at it.
  6. how much dose suspension oil and changing cost?
  7. most of the ford parts are easily available except Fusion.
  8. hey what are high grade spark plugs called?
  9. at times there are good garages but with just one bad mechanic the reputation of the garage is compromised...
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