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  1. Lol you sound just like me and my kids fail to understand me as an old .. theyre like oh my goshh you can't connect your bluetooth. my daughter hooked it up for me. its actually pretty nice for technology in your car.
  2. The 4WD transfer case encoder or the motor position sensor or the selector switch may fail and then cause the 4WD mechanism to malfunction. The fault code(s) are stored in the transfer case control module. They will help you determine the exact fault causing the message to be displayed.
  3. Thanks guys for all the details and precise answers. Now I have a pretty good idea where the problem may lie and I will bring these questions up when I take my car to Al Tayer I just thought its important that I know what I will be dealing with. Not to mention the cash I will be needing for it.
  4. Oh thanks guys and yeah Frans I get what you are saying there, i don't exactly remember when I felt the hesitation first but I can be sure to tell you that at first the hesitation was very low and it grew with time - lets say its been two months. Now I feel that the problem has reached its peak since my car distinctively hesitates unnecessarily ...
  5. Salaam to all brothers. I have ford focus 2000 model. The engine hesitates after slowing car from around 60 kmph to 20-30 kmph. The radio shuts off and on itself. Tihs happens for good 5-10 seconds. Sometimes also happens when I pick up speed after starting out but mostly only when slowing down. The engine does not shut off. Anyone knows solution? I have checked and cleaned grounds too. Seemed better for only a week but came back again.
  6. See the point is that I do use a car shampoo and everything but i guess the water leaves behind some marks and they do look like they are caused by salty water anyways ..thanks a lot guys ... the problem has diminished since the time i used the mineral water instead of tap water ..
  7. I have a black flex so everyone might know how important it is to keep a black ride very very clean otherwise even the smallest speck makes the car look dirty. For a while now I have noticed that every time I get a wash, the flex body and windows has water sports on it. There is nothing special being used and since this has never happened to any of my previous cars before I have no idea how to go about it. Little help?
  8. This is a lot of technical information to digest but i appreciate everybody pitching in. if what leo has said is the case, i wonder why ford is continuing with their production of ecoboost technology cars ... why would they want to bring a bad name upon themselves. Oh well i guess a large part of the buyers are still convinced with this technology. Thanks again everyone
  9. Hi guys, Just wanted a couple of ideas on this technology which is said to be available in the ford focus - do you think that the ecoboost technology really works ... does it really give you full performance along with good fuel economy? Has someone been really able to save up on fuel due to this technology?
  10. The reviews for the ford explorer are all going to sound the same to you ... what you need is a test drive around the roads of UAE. Before investing that kind of money be sure to be a 100% satisfied. Normally the ford explorers suits family-oriented drivers the best since they are silent vehicles with strong and comfortable performance. Its not your average minivan you know so im sure you'll enjoy the vehicle.
  11. I am looking for crank shaft sensor, can someone please tell me where it is?
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