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  1. Check how worn-out your brake pads and rotors are. There is plenty of information and videos online to help you out. You are right its a little surprising and at the same time not all mechanics or dealerships go on being honest. A mechanic might have seen it coming for you so he said you need to look into changing them. Possibility right? Always think before you spend. You are doing the right thing.
  2. Kadri Thank you so much for that piece of information buddy. You have no idea how much indebted I feel. This might help us isolate and identify the problem. Thanks to the people who run this forum too. It is a very useful tool for people to effectively communicate and exchange information. Leo To be honest I haven't really heard of anything like that before. Again, I will bring it to the technician's notice on the next visit. Thanks.
  3. Frans I hear you and totally agree with you my friend. FYI the technician that I initially went to is considered to be one of the most experienced/reliable in Dubai, and now I am dealing directly with Al Tayer. Ankit OMG!! Please don't say that. My kids travel in it too.
  4. Kadri Interesting observation pal. I would want to think that the relay is something that either the technician or the dealership would have had in mind but I will still get it checked. Ernest WHOA!!!! The first line of your comment says it all. 25 years of experience?? I haven't even opened the hood 25 times in my entire life!! Hehehh. What I am going to do is print out everything you have written and take it with me the next time I visit any technician or service center. Hopefully they will be able to make some sense out of it. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to mechanical issues. Damn. I feel like such a loser. Thank you so much for your time and concern though. Peace. Anil Haha. Totally agreed!!
  5. Sheikh That is a very strong possibility my friend, although at this particular point in time, I would give anything just to have the issue resolved, whatever the heck it is. Hamid Well to be honest, as I said before, this is pretty much the first real problem the truck has given me.
  6. Hi guys, I am looking forward to buying a fiesta for my daughter since soon she will be joining university. Being a dad I wanted to know if this car is good for a growing up girl ... any recurring problems heard with this car like I know a lot of other models and brands where there is one problem or the other sent to the person from the factory. I don't want to give a problematic car to my daughter. thanks
  7. Hahaha!! thanks guys for your expert advice! I actually find snakes very cool. Wish I had the guts in me to keep them as a pet ... Anyyways - I kept myself away from the car for a day till I got someone to clean it up .. I didn't want to catch the mouse dust .. The cleaner made me wear a mask too! God I didn't know it was going to get this serious. Anyways I found nothing in my car, I did find a hose chewed on under the hood and wasn't too happy about that. got the carpets and all cleaned and washed .. smells brilliant now. Scared of it coming back .. thinking I should have mouse traps What else can I do ... certainly don't want to go through it again!
  8. Hi all I am having an issue which is ridiculous in nature but i have been told by a friend that the issue can be serious. i got back from a trip last night and this morning when I sat in my car i noticed a bizarre smell coming from the front of the car. It was so disgusting that I almost wanted to throw out the cup of coffee I had in my hand. I got out and called a neighbouring friend. He said that it seems to be a mouse stink and said that this issue is more serious than it sounds since mice might chew up wires under the dash/otherwise which can cause sparks, etc. I am going to do a round up cleaning of my car to find the little prick but I also wanted to know what I should do to keep them away from my car?!
  9. Hi brothers ... We purchased our 2008 Ford Expedition 4 1/2 years ago and have really enjoyed it as it has posed very few problems. About 2 months ago, we started experiencing problems with starting the car. I took it to an independent technician and he diagnosed it as a broken fuel pump. He had a slightly used replacement pump so we had the old one replaced. Things were fine for about a month and then suddenly the problem came back. This time I took it to a proper Ford center and guess what?? They said I need a new fuel pump!! On top of that ... the part is not available at the moment. No other dealers have a brand new one either, nor can they get it delivered anytime soon. I have searched online without any luck. In the meantime me and my family are stuck with a truck that won't start.
  10. Hello everyone, Thanks for the huge help with the Myford touch ... the master reset option worked really well for me. it seems to have stopped getting stuck which was the major issue. Don't think i need the reboot for now but thanks again!
  11. Hello everyone, I have a ford explorer 2012 and its MyFord touch system is giving me some trouble. It worked perfectly before but these days I am noticing that it gets stuck at times when I am operating it. Someone told me to have it rebooted so I did once but the problem persists. One time it even blanked out on me which was very alarming. Did someone else have the same problem? Since it works fine majority of the times should I have it inspected or not?
  12. Check the back side indicator bulb, it must be fused. If front left is flickering fast, then check left back one or vice versa.
  13. i am planing on waxing and polishing my car but i wan instruction before i do it. anyones got a video on this?
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