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  1. Ok. I see. And what are the general symptoms of electrolysis corrosion.
  2. What is the exact tire pressure required for the car tires to run smoothly?
  3. what is electrolytic corrosion in radiators?
  4. Please discuss the best modifications who have noticed in cars in Dubai and why do you think it's best.
  5. What tool can i buy to check the air pressure in the car tires.
  6. Well i am pretty sure that its not available in new cars.
  7. Generally how long should the good tires lasts for in a car?
  8. Why the radiator fails in a car? What are the things that we can take care of, so that the radiator lasts longer?
  9. Hey people. We all know that at some point in our cars, the loss of fuel economy becomes a crucial point. So please share the common causes that lead to the same. May be in this way we can take preventive measure to save it.
  10. Your engine will start overheating. You may notice some kind of leak as well in engine parts.
  11. Take care of the warranty as well: If your car is under warranty, then for any kind of dignose contact your dealer only. Once the warranty has bee expired, its always better to contact a local workshop for any repair or replacement as they will be way cheaper than your dealer.
  12. Ufffff!!!!! Too many regulations. I suppose following all this will take good 2 months for me
  13. hey peeps. I am knew to Dubai. No idea how to get the Car insurance here. Someone please suggest me the procedure. Thank you
  14. Congrats Dude. This Eid was really memorable for me as well. I gifted Audi A4 to my wife. She was really happy to see the car. We all went for a long drive to Abu Dhabi and visited Grand Mosque. My kids and my mother also joined us. At first, my wife was bit scared to drive the new car, but after like half an hour she was flying on the highway. I was really happy to see smiles on my family’s face.
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