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  1. It seems I didn't know so much about the car. I had a chat with a friend of mine, a car enthusiast, and he also was of the opinion that I explore other options. He says I can get a car that offers better engine power, performance and fuel efficiency for more or less the same price. As you can see I am still confused about my final decision !!
  2. Hi guys Is it true that the Ford Expedition is the all-that car? This is what I know about this car: It’s a spacious and comfortable car and can accommodate up to 8 people and the cargo space is plentiful. It boasts a 5.4L V8 engine and for its size it takes corners with ease. It also has an independent rear suspension that gives it a smooth ride. Who can add to this telling me the best specifications of this ride ?
  3. i have a ford focus and went to Al Tayer for some routine check ups. They told me that the brake pads and rotors need changing ... my car is at 25,000 km and was wondering that i need to get them changed so soon? its a bit saddening to know that. Can someone advise me what to do. I know this is a serious issue and i should just go with it but im no technician and i dont know anything about brake pads and when they should be changed. i need a little advice before investing.
  4. incredible! this is soo much better than googling this process and confusing myself. thanks a lot everyone.
  5. thanks for your non-technical explanation .. i understand everything! okay so if i want to use my mp3?
  6. Blackberry 9700 for work (another device i took ages to get accustomed to hehee)
  7. Hello i dont know if this question has been posted already or not .. someone please direct me to the specific thread if it has been i would be really appreciative. I am trying to get around to understand the ford sync system ... basically everything related to it.. bluetooth connection, usb port, media sync, attaching my mp3 player. Sorry if I sound very naive but i only used to own cars to drive them around but with all this technology going on i cant resist but to try them out. A friend of mine was surprised to know that i owned a ford focus but used none of its techy functionalities. TY
  8. No way! why would the temperature affect the spark plugs .. some are known to be heat resistant but at the same time the slightest damage to them can keep growing and eventually the lack of required electricity to the car means your engine is being pressurized. Jeez and i thought buying a car was a luxury these days. Once a car starts depreciating ... its all downhill from there... one after the other problem needs attention.
  9. Can this be a bad alternator ? Very much a possibility. Or you can also check the connections between the battery and the alternator. your alternator may require a new plug or fixing of the connections. Check if the alternator is throwing out the required amount of voltage. This is obviously when the alternator IS the problem. The battery light might be coming on for another reason as well.
  10. According to my research and expertise, the original equipment includes a faulty design which causes this part to frequently malfunction. It is probably in all models between 2006 to 2010. My understanding is that the design defect has been corrected in the newer replacement part although obviously the installation of a used OE pump with a defective design may well result in a similar malfunction.
  11. Hey buddy ... you know based on your diagnosis the relay is a lot more suspect to me than the fuel pump. You said you changed pumps but the problem is still there right?
  12. Hi guys, this does not look like a master reset issue, master reset is used if the program is causing an issue, this seems like the program and the system both are causing the problem. You might need to go for a Reboot procedure. Make sure your dealer is aware of the procedure. This will involve some work under the hood.
  13. hi there, The ford explorer is a fabulous car. My brother has one and he never regretted purchasing it even once in his three years ownership. Plus it is also ideal to drive around in a place like the UAE since the weather is always unpredictable. Sometimes its extremely hot and at times there are winds blowing sand around. This SUV has a very good fuel economy as well so that's another plus point. Go for it
  14. Hi apsingh, Well obviously you should get it right down with the dealer and ask him whats the deal. To be honest my sunroof needed a little repairing and it took my vehicle almost two weeks so if the entire thing has to be replaced then it might take longer? I don't think you need to panic. In fact you can also contact ford online and convey your queries with them. Ford sunroofs have been known to be intolerant towards excessive heat so the damage is unpredictable. Take it easy
  15. yes AAA are excelled service provider and a reputed one too.
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